I have been fortunate throughout my life to be involved with various communities in a wide variety of forms. These communities have helped me to gain understanding, develope friendships, experience other perspectives and fundamentally to feel that I was not alone on this journey of self-enquiry and exploration.  I have found that many people are seeking connections and community. I seem to have a natural inspiration for bringing people together, so I therefore have decided to co-create this 'Community Forum'.


The intent of this Forum is to be of inspiration and support for one another, to share honestly and vulnerably of ourselves. This can happen when we express truthfully from our own experiences whilst not trying to change the other, instead, communicating one's own experience that the theme has touched, this can then inspire or encourage other readers. I will also be actively on the Forum, available to answer questions in the different groups as well as to share of myself and also what arises to inspire others.


There are several 'groups' in this Community Forum, some will be public (posts can be read by all forum members),  others will be private (can only be read by 'that' group of members within the forum). This is to support creating safe spaces for honest communication.

All members of the Forum will need to register and be activated by the administrator

(see guidelines for membership).


Intuition Development – (Public  Group)
Sustainable Business & Philanthropic Practices – (Public group)
Natural Born Woman –  (Private group)
Community Living – (Public group)
Meditation (Public group)
Satori (Private group)
Heart-Hub (Public group)