An Introduction by Kira Kay

We ARE all psychic, telepathic, clairvoyant and much much more.

The fact is we can read each other’s thoughts, we can predict the future, and we can heal one another. It is that we have not been educated that these are our natural gifts as much as being able to read, write and add up numbers! Our school system and society has not supported or encouraged these faculties and so they lie dormant in each one of us. It is our natural birthright to access and use these talents every day in living our lives.

As we head into the next millennium I am finding that there is increased interest in many people to regain our natural life-skills, those inner understandings that equip us with the strength and knowledge to meet the challenges of daily life. We are living in a turbulent and dynamic world where the only constant seems to be change! It is a great time for each of us to be exploring our own consciousness to gain the maximum experience and depth from the potential of the next months and years!

It is through uncovering these natural life-skills that we can expand how we experience and ourselves and each other. How often have you felt or wished you could *see* more deeply into this situation or this person or this possible course of action? These types of questions face us each day - we do have the answers within us.

Many people have some awareness of these faculties, and yet there has been very little encouragement to develop these senses. Very few role models exist for us to look at and follow by example. So how do we uncover this for ourselves?

The first step is to acknowledge the possibility that we posses these skills naturally. Next is to find support to practice and discover more about these senses. Just as no one person visually sees or hears exactly the same as another, so it is with the metaphysical. We each have our unique expression and experience of ‘seeing’. Participating in workshops oriented to help you uncover these latent talents and senses will support you to find out more about your own individual vision, to unlock your own doors into your psychic world.

It accelerates the process to communicate and share about your inner discoveries in an environment that is encouraging of this exploring. It is vital that we each share about our experiences because this concretizes the experiences and grounds them into how we live our lives making these realizations more readily accessible to ourselves when we need them.

A major key to uncovering these senses is becoming more present and more observant of who you are and how you function in your daily life, how you interact, your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs and assumptions about yourself, other people, life, death – everything! Being more aware of your behavior and belief patterns supports you to become more sensitive. The more sensitive you are then there is the possibility of these natural abilities simply ‘appearing’ as you disconnect from the automatic ways of behaving.

Our mind and emotions play an essential role in our lives that we often are unconscious of, going through our daily lives guided by patterns of behavior developed in childhood that may no longer support us now. The activity of the mind is a major handicap for most people! Often our mind is in what we could call a state of confusion or indecision most of the time, offering pros & cons of situations seesawing between past experiences and projecting into the future, yet when we attempt to make decisions often we are left feeling drained and unsure. The mind is based on fears of what has happened in the past and projects this into the future. We can say we fear the unknown, but the unknown is unknown! It is our fears based on the past or on other peoples past or things other people have told you. It is important for us to slow down and become more aware of the process of the mind and not be as focussed on this as we normally are here in western society. In many Eastern cultures they live life with more balance, including as a part of daily life work, play, spirituality, creativity. As did many of the ancient culture that we are hearing more about. It is a vital support for each one of us to become more inclusive of these elements of balance in our daily lives.

Some practical things that can support you in discovering more about yourself and your own latent life-skills include
- Journaling and recording of your thoughts and how you see life. Recording the things you may not say to other people but what you think and believe for yourself is of great value
- our dreams - both our nightly dreams and our daydreams convey to us messages beyond the confines of the mind.
- our bodies are also a major messenger vehicles, listen to it and the messages that it communicates - how are you holding your body as you speak to your mother, your lover, your child? How is it responding at work? We have this messenger with us all the time - use it! Often when we are experiencing physical discomfort it can be in symptom of something wanting to come out/release. Practice allowing this, if you have pain do see a Dr and have it checked out - and be open to whatever emotions, thoughts transpire as you spend a bit of quiet time asking yourself if there is anything you need to be aware about because of this discomfort.

Elements that can fundamentally influence how we perceive life include diet, exercise, sleep. Each of these contributes to the whole system being in more harmony and balance. If we are eating a diet heavy with dairy, meat and grains without much exercise and not sleeping regularly it is more difficult to listen to the messages of the body as it is spending more energy digesting and attempting to supply the body with adequate energy to survive. Eating a light vegetarian diet, sleeping regularly and moderate exercise will support your physical system to be more attuned to the messages that are being communicated.

I encourage each of you who are reading this article to take what I say as a hypothesis and experiment and explore for yourselves your own truths, your own path to uncovering your limitless potential!

To be in human form is truly a gift. We often do not realize nor appreciate to the fullest the opportunity that we have right here, right now. My aim is to support myself and others to be more in our natural state.

with love,
Kira Kay