Nature as a friend and guide

By Kira Kay

As I sit here writing, the sounds & sights of spring surround me – the birds in their mating finery, the plants with new growth and emerging flowers. In my own life I have found great value in understanding the natural life cycles of nature. It has supported me to let go of ‘problems’ and come into the present moment - to be appreciative of my life. I thought to share with you some of my insights that you may relate to and enjoy.

Winter, spring, summer and autumn – the four seasons that make up our nature cycle. Each also having a transitory phase – i.e. when it is not yet winter but not yet spring. So do each of us have a similar cycle internally. There are times when it is more appropriate to be inward, creative, expansive and reflective – or in transition from one to another. In honouring and acknowledging these phases we can understand our own personal and unique harmony. In perceiving this potential harmony we allow ourselves the possibility of integrating into our outside environment with balance and grace. In witnessing these cycles of seasons is becomes apparent that no-thing is ever constant, always in a process of flux/change – and to realize that this is natural - a simple aspect of the duality in which we live.

I have found the physical aspect of nature can offer tremendous support. When the mind is busy and disturbed there can be a tendency to focus in thought. I have found that in connecting with nature (walks in the bush or by the ocean, or working in the garden/forest) and being reminded of the simplicity and ordinariness of life can support the business of the mind to lose importance. Nature can also be a great reminder of the aliveness and abundance of each moment.

In our day-to-day lives our culture has generally lost the celebration of the season changes. If we look to many indigenous cultures and history we can see that this has been an important part of human development. However our busy lives and the influx and of technology has meant many of us are no longer aware of the seasonal changes. It can be helpful in your personal life to acknowledge the changes and allow the time and space to celebrate.

Often winter can be literally a more inward experience internally and to acknowledge the movement into spring with a celebration or ritual can support you to let go of the residue of that inward process and gather your energy for a creative period. Similarly at the end of summer, to celebrate the abundance and outward experiences and look toward the next stage of reflection (autumn).

In what I am expressing here is my experience that nature is a powerful instrument in understanding oneself and life. In your quest to discover your true self, nature can be a potent ally – and it is here all the time.

With love & care,

Kira Kay