For quite some time I have been involved in Banking with a difference – given the current global situation with money some of you might want to make a difference with your own funds .. Here are some options designated by country.



  • Australia - MECU
  • Australia - Savings & Loans Credit Union
  • Australia - Australian Ethical
  • Belgium - Triodos Bank
  • Canada - Citizens Bank
  • Denmark - JAK
  • France - Institut de Dévelopement de l'Economie Sociale
  • France - Société Financiere de la NEF
  • Germany - GLS Bank
  • Germany - Triodos Bank
  • Italy - Banca Etica
  • Netherlands - Triodos Bank
  • Spain - Triodos Bank
  • Sweden - JAK
  • Switzerland - Alternative Bank
  • UK -
  1. Co-operative Bank,
  2. Triodos Bank,
  3. The Ecology Building Society
  • USA - Common Good Bank
The banks mentioned are all alternative/green/ethical with a more holistic perspective to banking and money and economy - some more than others. I thought that given the current financial climate others might like to benefit from research that I have done over the past few years. As a way to both have your money 'safer' plus being of more benefit for your community, and thus globally.
I particularly like Triodos which has branches in quite a few countries now. I have had a personal interest in the financial area for about the last 15 years, always with the idea that perhaps it could be done differently than how we are presented in the main stream, and now I can share this with others that indeed there are healthy viable options.
While here in Nepal the past few years I have been growingly active in the banking community (initially through microfinance projects I am involved in) and the last few months found it touching that I can contribute my experiences that can influence in a positive way for the emerging banking community here as they still have some healthy basic community oriented perspectives and now are looking at the financial crash and asking good questions on how to not have that in Nepal. (Currently the banking here is very young industry and completely closed, as in no foreign investment - that all changes in 2010 when the World Bank has dictated that they must be an open market).


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