By Kira Kay


"We are living in a turbulent and dynamic world where the only constant seems to be change.
How can we develop our potential to embrace change and maximise our enjoyment of this human experience?
How can we access our joy, freedom, abundance and have fulfilling relationships?

The first step is to realise that we are far more than we have been conditioned to understand of ourselves. Begin connecting with the possibility that we are more than we know of ourselves right now. Generally as we grow up and live our lives we develop conditions and limitations – imparted from our parents, teachers and society. We use these as a matrix around which to build our identity and our lives.

This matrix of conditioning is our prison. To connect with and live our lives in true passion and honest integrity we need to first understand our individual selves, to understand this matrix we have each created. It is possible for each of us to see our whole selves more clearly. As we understand the core behaviours, beliefs and attitudes that are shaping how we experience life we can begin to live our own life, not a conditional life. By acknowledging these behaviours and beliefs, seeing them as facts and realising that we do have a choice in how we experience this human life it is possible to draw upon our own inner knowing. Our inner knowing is our own truth. We all have it. It is always available to us. Now is the time to access this knowing from our inner self and put it into practice.

Through this we can begin developing our natural life skills. It is in uncovering these natural life-skills that we can expand how we experience ourselves and each other. How often have you felt or wished you could 'see' more deeply into this situation or this person or this possible course of action? These types of questions face us each day - we do have the answers within us.

The fact is we can read each other’s thoughts, we can predict the future, and we can heal one another. It is that we have not been educated that these are our natural gifts as much as being able to read, write and add up numbers! Our school system and society has not supported or encouraged these faculties and so they lie dormant in each one of us. It is our natural birthright to access and use these extra sensory talents every day in living our lives.

Simply take a moment and reflect on your life. Remember instances where/when you may have had an unusual happening. It may have been knowing that a certain event was going to happen before it does, or having a miraculous healing. It may be something as simple as having an intuitive feeling about a choice you are making in your life and what effect it will have. It might be knowing that a relative or friend is sick or having an emotional experience. Each of us spontaneously have these experiences. They are not uncommon, they happen every day.

Experiencing and developing our intuitive senses is something that each one of us can do. It is like exercising a muscle, it takes practice and intention. And more practice, and more practice! And it takes courage.

It takes courage to begin to live life from your inner knowing rather than your conditioned matrix. It may become apparent that you need to make choices that are outside of the normal paradigms of society. Simply look at a situation in your life that asks this of you. I suggest that you consider this: would you rather take the risk and step into a choice that your heart says is right, that may lead to a more alive and fulfilling life, or would you rather choose the path that feels more comfortable and logical but feels dead? The choice will always be yours.

Take a moment to try this simple exercise. Sit quietly and let yourself feel relaxed and neutral, taking a few deep breaths and simply feeling your body sitting on the chair. Now picture a situation where you need to make a choice about something in your life. It may be an invitation to a dinner, or it may be a new business proposition or perhaps a more personal issue. Let yourself imagine that you have chosen one alternative: how does your body feel – is it tense or relaxed, how do you emotionally feel – excited, fearful or neutral, how active is your mind? Now let the imagining of the first alternative go and let your whole system come back to a neutral place. Now let yourself imagine that you have chosen the other alternative: how does your body feel – is it tense or relaxed, how do you emotionally feel – excited, fearful or neutral, how active is your mind? By simply tuning in more deeply with your whole self it is possible to gain insight into everyday situations.

If you link courage with intention and practice then there is a very probable outcome that you will begin to experience yourself living a life that feels like magic. A life in which events that happen are supportive, with people turning up when you need them (or leaving when you want them to!). A life in which career and business opportunities arise seemingly naturally. A life in which partnerships are more intimate and real. You can live a life that you are consciously creating from your deeper self, a life that is unlimited in potential.

To be a human is truly a gift. We often do not realize nor appreciate the opportunity that we have right here, right now. My aim is to support myself and others to be more in our natural state of harmony.

with love,

Kira Kay