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I consider it a fact that we can read each other's thoughts, that we can intuit the future, and that we can heal one another.

It is that we have not been educated that these are our natural gifts as much as being able to read, write and add up numbers! Our school system and society has not supported or encouraged these faculties and so they lie dormant in each one of us.

It is our natural birthright to access and use these talents everyday in living our lives.

Joining a seminar on Intuition Development can provide fun and practical opportunity to practice developing your extra sensory skills.

Advanced courses are available for those who are regularly using and practicing their Intuition and who wish to explore in more depth.



Uncovering Your Latent Abilities 

We are living in a turbulent and dynamic world where the only constant seems to be change.  I am finding that there's an increased interest in many people to regain our natural, inner life-skills that equip us with the strength and knowledge to meet the challenges of daily life.

The time is NOW to develop and use these natural skills!

A major key to uncovering these senses is becoming more aware of your behaviour and belief patterns.  This supports you to become more sensitive. The more sensitive you are then there is the possibility of these natural abilities simply ‘appearing’ as you disconnect from the automatic ways of behaving.

In the seminar we will use practical exercises to highlight your own limiting beliefs and will begin to explore activating your natural abilities.


Contacting Unseen Dimensions

Have you ever felt as if your actions or thoughts have been guided?
Or perhaps wondered about a loved one who has passed on and yet you feel them still with you?
Perhaps you have had some other unexplainable experience of a 'presence'?

We do have support nearby all the time.

It is up to us to develope our communication channels with the unseen dimensions to facilitate this guidance.
With experience and practice it becomes possible to discern real guidance from fantasy and mind games.
Ancient practices can have an ordinary presence in daily life.


Being Together

It accelerates the process to communicate and share about your inner discoveries in an environment that is encouraging of this exploring.

It is vital that we each share about our experience because this solidifies the experiences and integrates them into how we live our lives - making these realisations more readily accessible to ourselves when we need them.

The seminars are a wonderful way to meet new friends who have a similar intention of expanding their natural gifts.  And being together is supportive, nurturing and fun.

My intention is that you leave this seminar with practical skills so that you can continue exploring and expanding your natural extrasensory faculties to their maximum.

To be in human form is truly a gift.  We often do not realise nor appreciate to the fullest the opportunity that we have right here, right now.



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