Guideline for membership to Kira’s Community Forum

This Community Forum is envisioned as being a place of inspiration and support. To share of ourselves honestly and vulnerably, which in our physical gatherings has supported an open space of acceptance and non-judgment.

This happens when we express truthfully from our own experiences and not trying to change the other, instead, communicating one's own experience that the theme has touched.

With any link or inspirational material you post, include a short personal introduction letting people know how you have been touched by it and your reason for wishing to share it. Likewise for your own work if you have something to offer to others please make it personal. This can allow the integrity for this forum to stay real people and not become an 'advertisement' place.

Let us use this space to be an inspiration and support with, and for each other, not a place to preach, attack, complain or say 'this is the way it is' – what we give in to this group is also the benefit we can receive back.

Before sending in your message or post, re-read them carefully, take that extra breath and space before you push send.

Please respect the privacy of each other, imagine that this is a physical group we are all attending and have agreed to be respectful of what has been shared vulnerably here, and not re-post another's comments elsewhere without permission.

If you feel unsure about what to post or how to post, please be in touch with the administrator. Or if you feel a post has been offensive or inappropriate, please contact the administrator.

In general I have the trust that participants will be self-responsible in their contribution to the forum and comments to each other. However, if a post is considered offensive, or inappropriate, it may be deleted and you may be asked to leave this Forum space.

Thank you for joining our Community Forum!

Kira Kay & team


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