Creating your own reality?

Q.  Hi Kira. A question. I am surrounded by creating your life "technology". As focus and belief are clearly important...where is the balance point between "Deciding how i want to be" and "surrendering to my limits of what is”? People keep saying "do not allow your circumstances to dictate your vision or thinking or consciousness". I'm afraid if I choose empowerment and vitality that I'm going to ask to be something I'm not or that I’m focusing on being different than I am. But they say we are the results of our thoughts and feelings.

Ans.  My first impulse is to say – please be gentle on yourself!  Clarity of seeing what is true is easier if you are more relaxed. Often, the harder you 'try' to see clearly, the more confused you can become. Yes, the concept of 'creating your own reality' is certainly the current 'flavour' in the consciousness circles ... and in my opinion frequently mis-represented.

I will attempt to share here how I experience it – literally every thought we have has a consequence, thus creating the reality in which we experience ourselves and the life around us. Is what we create ‘true’ ...  given that in a 'moment' we can have such a shift of view it can seem as if the whole environment and circumstance has shifted around us? And ... if we are attempting to 'create' from our mind, this in my view is not creating our reality, but indeed attempting to control our life, and consequently limit what is possible. Our mind truly can only see a very small part of the whole. Think about this for a moment. Can you recall a time when you really wanted something (a situation or a person or an item) and then time passed and your wish for what you wanted changed? This is a mind wish – creating from this 'level’ can occur, but generally it is not fulfilling and is often confusing. When we allow a depth of our own inner knowing, to deeply touch the part within us that simply 'knows,' then there is no such thing as a wanting to create your own reality as you simply know that life is as it is. Whatever presents into your life is exactly what you need and is appropriate to help you develope, grow, and expand further into your own potential.

I wish to emphasise the depth of what I mean by this – that what we 'think' is a limit, and this is indeed what we create on that level.Often we have an idea of what we 'should' create – but again, ask yourself is this true? Really true? Is what you 'want to create' in the flow of what is really appropriate and easy for you ... not your idea of you, but the truth of who you are … You ask about being limited by your circumstances and your beliefs – yes, we can indeed be limited if we invest in a limiting belief about our circumstances. If you have a difficult health situation, or are in jail or are living in extreme poverty then yes, if you believe and think this is a terrible and difficult life experience, then indeed this is exactly how you will experience yourself and the circumstance/facts. I know people in each of the above mentioned circumstances who are not limited by their mind's judgment and consider themselves free and unlimited ... it is not the circumstance or facts in which you are living, but your relationship to them. What beliefs do you invest in? Are they true for you? Freedom and limitless experience are possible in all circumstances. It is not about creating the perfect life situation – we can all be free right now, exactly as we are, right now.

Often our past life events, our conditioning, our traumas and our learned experiences all help to co-create what we call our 'reality,’ and form the skewed view of these filters. Indeed we do create our reality. If, however, we explore and uncover each of these conditionings, traumas and beliefs, then we discover something much more precious and natural. I would put it more that it is the unconditional acceptance of what is right here, right now, that can allow the depth of seeing in such a way that is beyond the normal constrictions of our mental interpretation of what we 'should have.' If you truly listen to the sages and wise ones over time they all say essentially the same thing:  be here now, and all that is, is here now …. Gently, and with love, Kira