How do I know if I am right?

Ans: I don't! All I can do is take note of what I have experienced via my intuition. Personally I choose to use it as guidance and consequently these glimpses inform my decision making and life choices. When I first began to practice using and living by intuition I put a lot of pressure on myself to be 'right'. Over time I realised that this prevented me from actually seeing/hearing my messages clearly. So I began to experiment with simply not knowing if it is right or not, and seeing what actually happens if I take it as a possibility it might be true. That helped me to realise that often these glimpses are simply that, glimpses, and if I try to conclude too far from where I am now in this moment then I cannot see the whole picture because often I don't have the references to see what will actually happen. The glimpses often prepare and support me like guideposts along the pathway. As if I am travelling along to an unknown destination and as I see landmarks and signs that I have 'seen' then it gives me comfort that I am on the right path, or as reminders to look again at a crossroads as to which choice will be the easiest path.