How do I know it is my Intuition?

Ans: Simply as it has a quiet, peaceful, nonjudgmental feel. It is neither 'good/right' nor 'bad/wrong'. And these intuitive glimpses consistently have proved 'true', whether I have taken notice and acted or not! A recent simple example was that I was looking for my other sim cards as I was packing to leave for Nepal. I was certain I had them in a safe and easily accessible place. But I couldn't find them! That quiet voice said' they are under the filing cabinet'. Yet I 'reasoned' that they simply could not be there as I had cleaned under there two days before and they were not there. So for a good hour I turned out every other place, drawers, boxes, bags with no sign! Finally, as a last resort I took heed of the voice and moved the filing cabinet – and what did I find?! Yes my sim cards were exactly there! And yes, I too continue to be reminded to use this 'extra' sense of intuition.Wink