What is Intuition?

This is a question I am frequently asked ... there is the short answer and the long answer ...
Ans. Short answer – the label or name for when we simply 'know' the answer to a situation or problem. When we seem to easily understand knowledge with no apparent effort. Our 'gut' feeling that something is right or wrong. That quiet sense of peace when we feel we have taken 'right' action. When we seem to know facts beyond the course of our normal intellect.

Ans. Longer answer – in all truth we truly don't know exactly 'what' intuition is. In some fields of science, including neuroscience, there is investigative studies underway. (link to come soon for current studies) In time it may be seen that we have parts of our brain involved in intuition that we at present do not fully understand or appreciate. Or indeed we may comprehend the depth of what
the sages of old have stated, that we are all 'one' and in this oneness all knowledge, all future and past is present, is available now.

One point I am clear about – we all have intuition, we are born with it. It is a natural part of who we are as a human being. We each may have different levels of access or using of our intuition, but we all actually have it – intuition is our natural birthright. I prefer to not put too many labels or theories into discussion, nor do I like to say intuition definitively is xyz. Instead, I prefer to share here my personal experience of how I experience intuition, in my daily life and in my working with people. Perhaps you might resonate with some of my sentences and be encouraged! For me intuition is that small quiet voice that often 'reminds' me, 'you forgot your keys'; 'don't take that train'; 'call xyz person'; 'take care of this bill/situation'; 'xyz is going to happen' – or not happen; ' person xyz is going to be in contact'. Sometimes it is a 'voice' sometimes it is a picture, sometimes like a short movie, sometimes a sensory feeling. Sometimes it is a combination of these different forms. Occasionally I have dreams, different from what I call 'normal' dreams. The common 'theme' is that what is shown to me proves true in my life. I have frequently found myself 'knowing' information about a person, their family, their life situation without having any actual input from the person. On some occasions 'seeing' what will happen in the future in a particular location or situation. It is as if I gain glimpses or fragments of what is to come or sometimes what has past. These insights arise in daily life as I go about my life, and they are more detailed if I take time to tune in more directly on a person or situation. On many, many occasions I have had experiences of knowing 'things' that I have no rational explanation to understand 'how' I know this information. I learned over the years to simply allow this 'knowledge' to simply be, to name 'it' and to speak out what I have seen and consequently allow this to be a support for myself and other people.

I experience intuition as very ordinary, not a 'special gift'. As I have become more aware that intuition is a real part of my perceptive reality and acknowledged this 'extra sense' it has become stronger and more developed within me and active in my daily life. In decision making I include my intellectual knowledge and life experiences, and I pause for a moment to allow what else might arise to inform me. In all honesty I simply 'know' I have intuition, as does everyone else. I do not doubt this truth. I am continuing to discover what that means in my own life and in others. It is both fun and deeply rewarding.Through additional questions in this forum you might gain further understanding ... happy reading – and practicing!