Why do some people seem to have intuition and some of us don't?

Ans. I am truly certain that we ALL have intuition! We are born with intuition, it is our natural birthright. I have now met and talked with thousands of people, including many skeptics, and each one has been able to acknowledge they have intuitive experiences. Most of us as children have been conditioned out of our natural access to intuition. As you were growing up you might have been told, "don't do that, don't think that, don't say that" – consequently you may have lost the trust, the confidence and the clarity with that naturally intuitive part.  Children, really little ones, can often speak out truth that you can't believe they know.  And that's often because it hasn't been conditioned out yet. They haven't learnt the society rules of what is appropriate and not appropriate to say.

To re-connect with our intuition we have to get back to something that is already here but we have lost connection with.  One good hint for helping reconnect is playfulness. Take it as a 'playful' exercise to practice and see how you can find your intuition.  To feel confident and clear that you are in touch with your intuition it definitely needs practice.  Without practice you don’t get exercised.  You can't just theorise about intuition, you need to experience it. As you have more direct experiences and it works, it gives you more confidence and more trust.

An analogy I like to use is going to the gym and exercising your body – as you exercise more you find out more distinction and flexibility in your body, which makes it easier to exercise, which makes it easier to see your bodies potential. It is the same for intuition, the more you exercise, the more you understand how it works, the more you are willing to exercise.

For each person intuition will feel differently inside of you.  It can be really helpful to remember how your intuition expresses itself is unique. Just as we all have a different way that we look out at the world with our normal vision and we each have a different voice, thus so is our intuition unique to us. Finding your own intuition, how it expresses within you, is what makes it accessible and useable in you’re everyday life.

Additionally, we each have had layers of conditioning – from our parents, school, society, religions – all of which restricts our access to intuition. If you have a strong conditioned belief that is it ‘wrong and very bad' to hear or see the future then you wont see the future. If instead you realise that this is a conditioned belief and begin to experiment then you might find you start to easily have glimpses. In essence, the more self aware you become, the more understanding you have of your own limiting beliefs and attitudes, the easier it can be to access your intuition. Thus self enquiry is an important tool in uncovering your intuition and in general to discover your own potential. To know yourself, is to know yourself!