Why should I develope my Intuition?

Ans. My first response to this query is simply ‘why not?'.  It can be a great support in making balanced choices, and consequently leading to a happier life. Additionally it can lead to a healthier and stress-free life. The adventure of uncovering more of 'you' can be truly freeing, relieving and inspiring. It can help to understand and live your own true potential. I am living a really amazing full and rich life as a consequence of having the courage to follow my intuitive inner guidance. The glimpses have encouraged me to take choices with more confidence, at times against the ideas of friends and family. These choices have delivered me into life experiences that have matured my outlook on life, given me a wide variety of input and skills – which my friends and family now respect. Some of these choices have been way outside my known experiences and outside my conditioned view of life and consequently helped me to experience and live more of my potential as a human being. Not only has this personally benefited myself but it also meant that I have been able to be a support to many more people in my life.