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Egon Castlunger has practiced yoga and meditation for many years and is a passionate musician. Combining this with his love of mountains and trekking he has developed a wonderfully unique coming together experience. Additionally, Egon supports the HandswithHands projects in Nepal and his Trek's in Nepal combine with visits...
Recommended Practitioners
Felix has deeply explored & trained in various aspects of body awareness, touch, emotional and mental relationships within the body, plus much more. He offers unique healing body based sessions in Berlin, both for individuals and couples. Additionally, he facilitates various workshops in Germany...
Recommended Practitioners


Karl Farren (accupuncture)
0423 611 935
0423 611 935
I consider Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a significant modality that can support our physical, emotional and mental well being. I have known Karl for many years and his dedication and thoroughness as a TCM practitioner and educator is exceptional and personally enjoy his sessions when I am in...
Martina Hughes - Tantric Blossoming
Recommended Practitioners
Martina has dedicated herself into the path of integral sexuality/relationships, with a sensitivity and vulnerability in her leadership, teaching and in how she is living her own life. With Tantric Blossoming, Martina has co-created an alive community of men and women in Australia, exploring and being together with consciousness...
Norman Blanchard
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A delightful healer who brings his insights through in a gentle and easy way - his depths are endless. Contact
Recommended Practitioners
Yella has extensive experience in the theme of body awareness, sexuality, sensuality, tantra and more. Her grounded approach and community orientation has led her to open a center in Berlin dedicated to education and exploration in sexuality, to be a doorway to healthy healing our sexual relations and more....
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