A Call To All Women … A Follow Up!


Several months ago I wrote an article inviting all women to shrug off our outdated beliefs and expectations of ourselves and others to truly 'be' the natural born woman that we are!· (http://www.kirakay.com/natural-born-woman.html)  As we uncover our natural self, when we listen to our inner truth and have the courage to live from this place, it does make a difference in our own lives and the world in which we live - this note is a follow on and a personal request to join me!


I was recently listening to a discussion talk by women leaders in Australia, one comment towards the end was: " we women need to support one another, not work against each other – even if we don't agree with what our sister says, how can we still be of support? "


This statement deeply resonated with me. ·And the last few days have evolved into fresh creative ideas of collaboration with women. I do feel that if we meet together, and support one another to be clearer, then it is a contribution for all of us. Here are my creative suggestions for us all:


1.  As a personal initiative, I open my home here in Berlin on the last Monday of the month (the first date will be Jan 30th, 2012) as a gathering space for women who wish to inspire and be inspired in a supportive environment. My vision is simply to gather alive, strong women who have a conscious intention to be of support with one another, this will naturally create an interactive dialogue – either as a whole group or clusters or both! Plus having space to naturally cuddle, chatter and nourish one another! This is not a workshop or seminar, simply an open space for women to consciously come together in mutual support. (please RSVP if you intend to join so that I can send you details of time/location)


2.  I invite my women friends in other cities about the world to start a similar initiative - perhaps then we can even link up via Skype? Plus making it easier to visit with one another and connect/network.


3.  I am initiating an interactive women's website forum where we can discuss and chat about the themes and issues that often relate to us specially – for example, how to be yourself and include your emotions in a boardroom of men?; how to be true to your inner integrity when faced with a barrage of 'reasonable' arguments or requests? How can we be more comfortable and alive in our body, our sexuality? How can I care for my breasts?; How can I be true to my vulnerability and be strong? And – I am sure there are hundreds (thousands?!) of other themes to be explored together! ·Plus, this can be a place where we can share inspiring talks, stories, initiatives ... more will come about this in the next weeks as it naturally, and organically, unfolds!


4.  For the men in our lives – here in Berlin there is an ongoing men's gathering (contact me directly for details), plus, I encourage you all to initiate your own support groups too, in whichever city of the world you are!


In general, I feel it so helpful and synergistic to be coming together more often. When we meet up with a clear intent of supporting one another so much more creativity and potential can be unleashed. It supports each one of us to become more free and alive. Plus in this time when the world situation is in such a change and transition, it can be of real help when we meet together as natural and simple steps can evolve out of our meeting times.


I look forward to meeting many of you sometime soon!

With love, Kira



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