A world in which there are no secrets


This is something I have frequently contemplated and talked about. I consider it a fact that we
can all ‘read’ each other, situations and our environment all the time. However, it can be simply
stated that our conditioning of beliefs and attitudes does not support this view!

Think about it for a moment – how would it really be if we did not have to hide or pretend to be
someone we are not? If everyone knew our deepest shames, discomforts but also our visions,
insights and joys. If we all could know each other’s pain and hurts, and, consequently feeling of
empathy with each other. What might our world look like? If politicians and businesses did not
lie because we would already know the real situation. If we truly lived in a transparent world where
the unity and connectedness between every living (& non living!) thing was simply apparent.

I hypothesise we would have a different living reality here on planet earth! Imagine if all the
energy we use in dishonesty, in hiding, in being ashamed, in blaming others, judging and
comparing ourselves, was instead directed towards helpful creative possibilities – wow …. I
enjoy considering what that might look like ;-)


So it was with great delight I stumbled across a talk by scientist Michael Persinger, a cognitive
neuroscience researcher and university professor, entitled ‘No more secrets’ discussing exactly
this topic from a science perspective and presenting a range of experiments and conclusions
from studies in the parapsychology area.

This link will lead you to Michael Persinger’s talk:


In my own personal and professional life I frequently have experiences that I cannot technically
explain. How can I know something about a person I have never met, never seen, never heard
about – yet be able to speak about their life with intimate detail? I don’t spend so much time
‘trying’ to understand and have accepted long ago that I have developed the knack; the practice
to ‘read’ more simply what is already all here. It is completely ordinary in an extraordinary way.

I encourage each of you reading to practice for yourselves – play with the idea that you can,
right now, read more of what is going on around you … try it out!

With love & an uplifted feeling in this moment … Kira



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