Continuing My Inspiring People Dialogue: Paul Lowe


I recently had an important 20th anniversary: the anniversary of when I consciously decided I needed to find out 'who am I?' ... What an amazing journey this question has taken - and is still taking - me upon!


I feel so grateful for the younger 'me' who had the courage to say yes to this deeper inquiry, even though at the time I was really scared, lost and unsure even of where to start. Thankfully, life helped me along... a lot! After sitting on a rock in the Snowy Mountains, Australia, I came to one of the most significant decisions in my life: not to continue with corporate law, and instead to embark on a discovery of who I am and what life is really about, and therefore what is really my purpose.


Two weeks after this epiphany, I met Paul Lowe, a significant and inspiring teacher on my path who remains a mentor, and also my dear friend, to this day. Up until meeting Paul I had never really heard of 'spirituality,' nor even of meditation. So when a friend said 'come along and meet this crazy guy who is teaching meditation this weekend,' I surprised even myself and responded 'yes, why not?!' Meeting Paul was a powerful confirmation of my recent decision. He spoke to what I felt deep inside me, and it was as if I had met someone to whom I could say everything I felt inside.


Over these past 20 years I have lived close enough to Paul's life to know that he really 'walks his talk.' I have experienced him going totally into whatever is arising, until it is no longer relevant or appropriate. This has had a deep impact for me personally as it has given me a living example of someone who simply 'goes for life,' who says everything he needs or wants to say, who goes wherever he wishes to go (I recall being a part of a few of those experiences!), who shares his attractions and sexuality fully, who says his truth in the simplest and most honest of moments – way too many to write about. They all flash before my eyes as examples over and over - especially if I try to get around my own truth! And then one of these moments comes as a reminder and encouragement to open another level within my own life.


I find that Paul's own quality of being total leaves him in a truly remarkable place of being able to connect, relate, and tune in with people – not their behavioral patterns, not their dramas or themes – but who they really are. He is able to connect with simple clarity to where the person really is, so that they can relate, soften, and hear him. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have been a witness to Paul in the depths of compassion through this meeting of another. Be it in a group dedicated to communication or on the street with strangers, or in a practical encounter like at the bank – without exception, he meets the person. Over the years I have known Paul, I have seen this refine and soften in him, and then refine more ... in ways I truly don't have words for. Maybe the nearest analogy would be a musician being in tune with his/her instrument in a way that it comes to the point that it is simply always sweetly singing ...


When I consider an example of an 'awake' person, this is my reference point, this level of 'being with,' which is deeply, intensely personal and yet at the same time not personal at all ... compassionate to a level that includes practically taking care of a person physically or financially, and at the same time being willing to share such an uncompromising level of truth that it may make a close relative or friend disown him. Without compromise or exception – he will 'be with what is'.


I have in the past twenty years met many, many different people, teachers, individuals – and Paul stands out as a light.

Even when I have felt very confronted by what Paul has said to me personally about my own behavior, something else within me has realised and recognised that what he has said has a 'ring of truth.' This has allowed me, in turn, to 'be with' what he has shared, to let it in and thereby help my own evolution. For this I am deeply appreciative and grateful.


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