Goodbye 2011 … Welcome 2012 & Onwards!


For me personally, 2011 has been a year of reflection and re-alignment. As I write this short note, back once more in Berlin, it is New Years Eve, and I find myself reflecting on the past year – feeling immensely thankful. Grateful to myself for having the courage to keep following my inner convictions and grateful to so many other people in the world that have crossed my path this year and inspired me. Every time I meet, or hear/see someone who is following their heart and inner truth it acts as a catalyst for my own next steps. Deepening my own dedication to living from my deeper intuition and heart.

While in Australia I was interviewed by Richard Miller – it was a sweet meeting and an opportunity for me to communicate in a different way, I trust you will enjoy the viewing here:

What will 2012 bring? Ah, some more expansion and adventures I am sure!

I will be open to increasing collaboration in all aspects of my life – which is already starting even as the last year slides on by … the general chaos in the world (economic, political, environmental) will give most of us plenty of opportunity to grow, expand and be open to experiences past our normal paradigms!

May we all widely, and perhaps wildly (?!?) explore new options and opportunities that can bring about evolution on both personal and community levels.


With love, Kira



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