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I feel very fortunate and grateful to have met people who have inspired my own path in life – therefore I decided to share some of these people here and there on my Blog page to perhaps be of support to those of you reading here...


Matthieu Ricard -

I have met Matthieu Ricard several times over the past few years and each time he has inspired me to greater depths of inner commitment and compassion in action. He has a delightfully light way of being in life, and a simple, humble way of sharing his wisdom, depth and consciousness.


Matthieu is a Tibetan Monk, originally from France, has a PhD in Genetic science, and lives his life moving between worlds of remote cave hermitage in Nepal and monasteries in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. He initiates humanitarian projects around the world, devoting himself as a guinea pig subject for experiments in Neurosocial Science. He engages political and business leaders at Davos world economic forum, and so much more. As an example of compassion in action – yes – he is a personal inspiration and beautiful being. Oh, and he is an exceptional photographer and excellent author of many books on meditation and more ... If you have a chance to meet him or attend a talk, enjoy the uplift of meeting such a beautiful person.


Here is a talk (in four parts) by Matthieu speaking in English in London, November, 2011 – talking on the benefits of cultivating our mental capacity, expressing about the science behind it, some practical question/answers and completing with a mindful meditation ... enjoy! 



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