Inspiring Talks From People ‘Living’ a Difference ...


I have recently written about the changing gender roles and a 'call to all women') to ( explore and expand into our full potential as women (and men!). In support of this I have collected a variety of talks that can be inspiring and encouraging. They can be helpful to review and reflect upon your current beliefs and attitudes to evaluate if they still reflect who you really are. What I like about each of these talks is they are real people, living their lives and sharing from their own experiences, not 'talking about' but actually living their own changes ... Enjoy these inspirations ...


From Women ...
An Inspiring and different view on women in business/education by Hanna Rosin


A talk by an innovative and different woman view from India – Kiran Bedi


Two women in financial business in Iceland – and their success by staying true to feminine principles and their survival in the economical crisis


Kavita Ramdas talks about inspiring women making a difference in their own countries amidst obstacles and following their heart ...


Kiran Bir talks about 'I can' infection ....


Uplifting talks on vulnerability by Dr Brené Brown


On dressing/consumption and dressing 'you', dress up with a difference & fun!


From Men ...

Tony Porter: A call to men: An uplifting talk from a Man about how not to stay limited in the 'man box'

Men creating their spaces, makes sense ;-) us women do often 'take over' the house for us & children!



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