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I have been following closely the events in the Middle East, the powerful cry for action and changes. I feel inspired by what is happening. And also feeling deeply moved. Listening to the live broadcasts (available via BBC world radio) and hearing real people in the midst of this, their surprise, fear, excitement and their vulnerability all-present.

It deeply touches me that this cry for change arises from something as basic as food crisis. This situation highlights basic survival - and in my view, we as a whole world, are simply not taking care of one another. How can this truly be when we indeed do have enough on the planet to feed everyone? Simply, the balance is out of order, grossly!

This 'something' I feel very passionate about. I do believe that we can make a difference. Every single one of us can, and does, make a difference. By following our intuition, listening to our heart as to what feels right and natural. If we don't listen and follow our inner guidance, we are affecting what is happening, by not doing!

I joined Facebook after hearing how it was a tool of support during these crisis events. And I have realised that this is another way we can share information and share of ourselves. I do think that us human beings are quite social creatures – and we benefit from the support of our brothers and sisters.


This talk captures the realness of this:

I recently watched a sweet movie called 'Pay it Forward'; in essence the theme was doing something positive for someone else, and then inviting them to do so for others. In other words, spread goodwill, helping one another in an exponential way.

Wishing us all new beginnings, and more togetherness, easiness .... Love, Kira




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