Nepal Earthquake - post #5

Good news - and the pictures say more about the extent of the damages

I am super happy to make a positive update from Nepali friends who went directly to one of the most affected rural area a few days ago and sent this note just now on their return:

"Namaste kira we all are fine here, Just I am return back to Gorkha. In the situation of Dhawa all so many houses are damaged and all school are also damaged But all people are alive. We distributed 50 tent and dry food We have15 volunteers Dhawa Vdc of gorkha .They collected so many funds and another material and helping." - Thank you Shila Pandey for your courage & willingness to help!

As you will see from these photos - which reflect a large portion of rural areas affected - many, many homes are no longer livable. The rebuilding is going to be a massive task. I am super happy to say there are already some awesome Nepali people on board thinking and planing on this topic, with sustainability & community empowerment at the top on their mind. Nripal Adhikary (who also organised & initiated this current field help) & his company ABARI will be doing some initiation and we will be supporting additional sustainable building support using bamboo and othe natural materials. We will need a LOT of help.

I will be collating details and discussing strategic planing in the next days and will keep everyone posted!

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