Peace One Day … Global Truce 21st September, 2012


This is an inspiring initiative by Jeremy Gilley, who over 10 years ago began this initiative, what he calls his ‘crazy idea’ - you can have a listen to how Jeremy came about to this initiative here:


And more about this year’s initiative here: 


Jeremy’s vision is of bringing a global focus, to bring attention to our interdependence, to bring at least one day of intentional focus on Peace.  We can ALL join in whatever way or form we wish, at very least to take some minutes in this day to consider and contemplate this


Peace, in my thinking, is not something that is only about ending the world wars and fighting, but also about how we are inside ourselves, in our relationships, our working places and everyday life.  I do heart-fully believe that each one of us can, and all of us do, contribute to Peace on our planet. To say ‘I can't do anything’ is a cop-out and, in my view, a contribution to war and unrest.  At the very least, we each can take time and space to contemplate the war/peace within ourselves.  Perhaps to recognise how interrelated we all are, and to realise how or what our heart is inspiring us to contribute – within and without.


Therefore, as my constructive contribution on this Global Truce day on 21st September, 2012, I am hosting a meditation for friends, with Carlos Habig  playing his Sound-Diving instruments to complement and deepen the experience. I am inviting a relaxed communication space afterwards for whoever wishes to say what may have arisen in their meditation - an insight, vision or perhaps a new understanding.


My deeper wish for this day/life is for us all to engage in dialogue about peace on all levels of society - from within ourselves, our relationships, our schools, our communities as well as the more obvious levels of religions and countries.  We do all make a difference.  Choosing peace is a conscious choice we each need to make, each moment, each day.



My question and invitation to anyone reading this is …what are you going to contribute?  



Ah … and I wish to finish off with two of my most favourite heart-touching songs of all time on the topic of Peace … John Lennon … 


With love and sincere wishes & action for Peace … Kira



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