SMILES – a young leaders initiative in Nepal


Here is a short video of one of the young men that I help mentor here in Nepal. Santosh Poudel and his team 'SMILES', have initiated their own project to help rural villages in Nepal. Their project has provided a computer room at the local school, powering it with solar energy which also provides solar lighting for the school, plus they have built public toilets which is helping to bring awareness of sanitation. They involve the whole community in both the decision making and the building process and inspire the children into education too! It's Great work that they are doing!


The reason for the video is Santosh Poudel & Sibjan Chaulagain have won an award, The World Summit Youth Award for Education presented by "Young Digital Planet", in Montréal, Canada, an event designed for innovation in IT. Unfortunately, Santosh & Sibjan were not granted visa's to attend the conference and collect their award (due to them being young, single men of no financial status from a developing country Nepal). Therefore I made this short video so they could have some presence potentially ... now it looks like even this will not be screened ... so I thought perhaps by sharing it with friends more people can get behind and inspire these young men who are being active, despite the fact that they are recent graduates and are presently doing all this work as volunteers! 



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