The Educating Of Women Is For ALL Of Us!


The recent shooting in Pakistan of a young woman, Malala, 14 years old, who was simply attempting to claim her right to education along with her male peers is a reminder that in many parts of the world the educating of women is still not seen as 'natural'.


To me it seems the only way we can truly help change on the planet is through sharing education, knowledge, and communication of options. By educating our girls we allow them to grow up into more educated mothers who can, in turn, better educate both their daughters and their sons! This chain of positive consequences can bring about healthy empowerment, reduce disease, and help with birth control. It can educate boys to be more respectful and balanced in their relationships to women and can support more peaceful options for our communities.


In my involvement in rural communities in Nepal, I have seen firsthand the power of educating girls and women – it is both deeply touching and inspiring.


I encourage all of us - men and women both - to use this shooting of Malala to remind us not to take equal treatment of girls and women for granted. Let it remind us to look around in our lives for balance, and for supportive ways of being together. Let it remind us to raise our voices in support for women (and men) to be educated, to be able to speak out when we see injustice without fear of being shot in the head!


For more depth on the shooting of Malala, you can read this article here:

and sign the petition to bring attention to this situation here: 



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