Come And Join Me ....


"The Sound Of One Hand Clapping"
Benefit Concert (free entry)
on 12-9-12 @ Passionskirche, Berlin @ 20.00 hr.


An evening of inspiration, poetry, interesting people
& information about Hands-with-Hands projects in Nepal.


In 2008, my friend Dagmar had an inspiration, to bring onto the stage her speaking of poetry (Rumi, Hafiz, Rilke) accompanied by complimentary music. As she went to bring this into reality she realised that she did not want to do this just for herself, and thus came the inspiration to make it a benefit concert to support my projects in Nepal.


This is now the 5th year of this event, and I have enjoyed being a part of the evolution. I particularly enjoy the natural space of giving and receiving that this event creates – the artists giving their talents; the audience receiving excellent music/poetry/creativity; the artists experiencing being received by the audience; the audience giving their attention; everyone giving some donation to Hands-with-Hands project initiatives; the people in Nepal receiving and benefiting from the gifts and the attentions; the projects and people in Nepal giving their gifts onwards in their participation; we all receiving the uplift out of poverty of women, children and whole families.


I love that one person following her heart and passion can have such a wider effect ... if you have time on 12th September, 2012 at 20.00 hr then come and join and celebrate with us. Give of your time and receive a wonderful gift ...


With love and appreciation for Dagmar Marth's creation ...


Sound on One Hand Clapping Benefit Concert 2012



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