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I thought that this would be an easy and helpful way of staying in more contact. I get so many emails I don't get to answer them all, or take so long in answering some people wonder if I am still getting their emails! So I thought I could share bits and pieces of interest here, post them as they come along into my life.

April 9th, 2011


I am frequently asked about 2012 and the cataclysmic predictions - so I thought I would share some of my thoughts here for you to reflect upon.

One point that I note is that throughout the ages there has been in our mythology and religions the apocalyptical predictions – in practically every tradition, religion and culture that I have investigated (covering much of the world) there is references to something like ‘the end of the world’ or ‘the heavens falling in’ – some cataclysmic prediction. Predominately however, none have an actual time frame – although throughout the centuries some dates were tagged for example 1000 AD, 2000 AD (remember the y2k predictions?) in recent years 2012 has been tagged as ‘the’ date by many.


As I have uncovered, these references are often a symbolism of good/bad, reflecting the balance (or non balance!) of duality. The ‘end times’ heralded as a result of our lack of moral living – the bad/evil living. Then on the other hand we have the predictions of golden years or being ‘uplifted into heaven’ – the reward for good living and high moral standards.

Personally, my view is that 2012 is not a cataclysmic date/time.
In general I consider we are in changes – most certainly! And have been commenting on this fact for some years now. However I do not hold the view that the changes are relational to a time frame or specific event/catalyst.

We are noticing more of the earth events – I would venture to say due to our populations choosing to live in critical locations and our style of living – earth is shaking us up literally! The financial meltdowns and effects on our economies are predominately the result of our over focus on the ‘me’ mentality and the consequent consumerism capitalism. We have been investing in a gigantic ponsi scheme in our consumerism lifestyle. This is not sustainable indefinitely, as we are beginning to find out.

My hope and wish is that the shaking up and upsets can help people to refocus on a wider perspective and lead to different models of economics, politics and lifestyles. In general, to co-create a more balanced relationship with each other and the planet upon which we are living. It is possible; the seeds of change are already sprouting. I will write more on this in another blog entry soon! In the meantime you might enjoy this inspiring short talk by Rachel Botsman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpv6aGTcCl8 


It is quite likely that further earth movements will cause massive disasters and consequently make us look collectively at how we are choosing to live. One recent example is the Japan earthquake and tsunami and the resulting nuclear disaster along with the general mass loss of life. This is a valuable opportunity to take action, to reflect and redirect our use of nuclear power. What we choose to invest in has consequences.

It is quite likely that further economic disturbances and global resource prices (including basic food items) will continue to fluctuate. – highlighting imbalances and a lack of fair-trading. It is also quite probable that political unrest in various places, especially in the middle-east, Africa and China will continue, reminding us that many people still live in repression.

As 2012 comes closer there is an increasing number of ‘prophecies’ circulating about, I really encourage you to be discerning. I consider there are a lot of ‘false prophets’ using this time and the natural fear in humans for their own use, for financial or egoist benefit. Please tune in for yourself, develope your own intuition and have the courage to listen for yourself. If an email comes in, read it through – get a ‘feeling’ for the style and form it is written in – is it dramatic? Giving certainties? Is it offering to protect you? Then likely it is a false prophecy! In my experience truth is often simple, ordinary and neutral.

As I view it, the most effective way to have clarity on what might unfold in the upcoming years is to become more self-aware. Develope and use your intuition in daily life – for yourself and others. I consider it a perfect time to take stock and review your beliefs and attitudes – are they serving and benefiting you or restricting? Stop holding thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve. Invest time and energy in living meditation (an excellent book on this ‘Why Meditate’ by Mathieu Ricard). Take responsibility for your thoughts and actions (& non actions!) and realise you are the driver of your own life – we are all together creating this world and reality in which we live.

Practicing gentleness and inclusion and exploring the potential of the changes – individually and collectively – is what I will be focusing upon! Join with me ;-))
With love, Kira


April 4th, 2011


I am sitting here in Kathmandu, Nepal reflecting on the fragility and magnificence of life. I find I often reflect deeply when I am here in Nepal as the opposites of life are presented in every day life – life and death side by side, often quite literally.


This city of Kathmandu has approximately 6 million inhabitants, it is located in one of the world's higher risk areas of earthquakes, and is currently 'overdue' for a major earthquake. When I consider the implications of such an earthquake here it is horrendous! The majority of buildings (including hospitals & schools) are not earthquake resistant, even though there is a plan to retrofit many of the essential buildings, the funding and action is not really happening. The consequences of a major earthquake will likely mean massive loss of life and injuries to perhaps a million or more people – hard to imagine the reality of such. Having been involved in disaster management trainings over the past two years, it has made me more aware of how unprepared Kathmandu is. And, in many cases most parts of the world are not truly equipped to 'manage' disaster scenarios!


It seems that us human beings keep choosing to live in vulnerable locations (earthquake, tsunami, volcanic action, floods, fire, hurricanes etc) – understandable on the one hand that we choose the arable lands, with aesthetic outlooks to live – on the other it seems we don't seem to fully appreciate the power of mother nature when she stretches herself or gives a shake – then we are like fleas falling off the back!


And mother Earth seems to be a little active this year, not necessarily 'extra' active, yet we notice it because indeed our main populations are in the affected zones – complicated by issues such as nuclear reactors in earthquake zones – very easy to say after the event that it is not a good idea! PLEASE – I advocate for nuclear free, we do have other options.


I am writing this as I hope and wish more of us can become aware of what we are creating. It is not 'them' who create the disasters and conflicts but our collective action and non-action. We all have a voice and most of us also have a vote – we can use this to effect changes. In addition to that, we have our own self-reflection to see within ourselves the choices we are making each day – is it contributing or taking? Building or destroying? Really consider this ... it has far reaching implications if you do.


Each of us has unlimited creative potential – are we allowing this potential to grow and be used for wider evolution and development? Or are we focusing on our own small personal world of what we can create for ourself? The 'we' vs 'me'. I am a big advocate of the 'we'! I consider that having a wider focus on the whole of humanity, the whole of the plant, enables a greater release of my own creative energy and supports my growth and development. It has lead me into interesting new arenas of learning and to meet interesting people tapping their own potential – very alive!


I leave you with a few things to contemplate – if a disaster occurred in your own home area, are you ready? How would you respond? If the electricity and water were cut off for days or weeks? Do you know your neighbours? Do any of them have special needs? Are any of them handicapped, have small children, or are elderly? Do you have any first aid knowledge? Or perhaps you have other skills that might contribute? Do you know you local emergency or disaster plans? And the appropriate contact numbers? Considering some of these points in advance can be a help to save lives, your own and others...


And, how are you using your own creative potential in your current life? What is calling you from within your own self into activity? Are you listening to that message? I encourage you to take the time to listen and have the courage to follow through the action – it might awaken within you a greater magnificence than you might have imagined for yourself!!


Happy awakening ... Kira


Middle East


I have been following closely the events in the Middle East, the powerful cry for action and changes. I feel inspired by what is happening. And also feeling deeply moved. Listening to the live broadcasts (available via BBC world radio) and hearing real people in the midst of this, their surprise, fear, excitement and their vulnerability all-present.

It deeply touches me that this cry for change arises from something as basic as food crisis. This situation highlights basic survival - and in my view, we as a whole world, are simply not taking care of one another. How can this truly be when we indeed do have enough on the planet to feed everyone? Simply, the balance is out of order, grossly!

This 'something' I feel very passionate about. I do believe that we can make a difference. Every single one of us can, and does, make a difference. By following our intuition, listening to our heart as to what feels right and natural. If we don't listen and follow our inner guidance, we are affecting what is happening, by not doing!

I joined Facebook after hearing how it was a tool of support during these crisis events. And I have realised that this is another way we can share information and share of ourselves. I do think that us human beings are quite social creatures – and we benefit from the support of our brothers and sisters.


This talk captures the realness of this:

I recently watched a sweet movie called 'Pay it Forward'; in essence the theme was doing something positive for someone else, and then inviting them to do so for others. In other words, spread goodwill, helping one another in an exponential way.

Wishing us all new beginnings, and more togetherness, easiness .... Love, Kira




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