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I thought that this would be an easy and helpful way of staying in more contact. I get so many emails I don't get to answer them all, or take so long in answering some people wonder if I am still getting their emails! So I thought I could share bits and pieces of interest here, post them as they come along into my life.

Celebrating my Father

My father gave me many valuable gifts – the first co-creating that I am alive! Even though he died more than 27 years ago I feel the impact of his love and the legacy of life lessons he passed on to me every day. On this day celebrating fathers I dedicate this post to my father, "Rafe Charles".

“Thank you dad for teaching me to question, to not take things at face value but to investigate and find out truth for myself - it has not always been easy to do this yet the solid foundation of integrity I now feel within I am thankful for every single day.  Your consistent reminder that I could be whatever I wanted to be has given me freedom many times over.  Your willingness to involve yourself in whichever community you found yourself and offering your practical skills and sincere compassion has guided my own actions again and again.  Your openess to be wrong, to open your mind even to situations/knowledge you disagreed has inspired me to remember there is always another side to the story.   The way you would truly see other people, especially those in difficult circumstances/backgrounds and help uplift them into better opportunities has motivated and encourage me to always look for those who may need more support than others and to be available.  Your patient and unconditional love towards me is something I am still growing and evolving with, consistently touched and amazed at the new levels I discover.  I do miss not having you around to share my life with, to talk with, to embrace and to laugh - oh and of course to cook awesome meals in the kitchen with! However the gifts you have given me are timeless and allow me to feel close with you in my everyday life.  Thank you for being you dad, and thank you so much for all that you have gifted me, even in your death you gave me so much … and I know you would be proud of me!  Happy Father’s day dad!”



July 2015 Newsletter update

News Update from Kira Kay, July 2015
Hello dear friends,
       2015 has been an interesting year so far for me – New Year’s Day, the building I was staying in was hit by lightning, giving me an extraordinary experience of being shattered with light and sound yet feeling very whole, complete and safe.  Perhaps this was a precursor for me to remember about wholeness and potential in the face of seeming disaster, as just four months later I was in Nepal during the massive earthquake.  It has been an exceptional experience to share this with the Nepali communities that have become my friends and family over the past 15 years

I link here a short video clip that was made for me (thank you, Rani & Ulrich!) just after I had returned from Nepal post earthquake. It will give a glimpse of what I've been doing in Nepal and some of my experience during the earthquake.
Building Better Futures - Hands with Hands - Nepal 2015
Recently, many of you have called or written to me personally and offered support in various ways. This has been tremendously helpful, even if I have not had the chance to reply to each of you individually.  Supporting one another in such a time of crisis has made me very much aware of how connected we are as an extended family.  It has been so heartfully nourishing for me to have this experience and to realise it is truly possible.  Some moments when I was feeling a bit flat, and overwhelmed with the extent my involvement in Nepal, I would receive a message or call that would uplift me and remind me that I was not alone.

Thank you to all of you who sent donations, good energy and your encouragement.  These gifts are truly gifts that keep on giving, as in supporting me you enable me to support many of my Nepali friends to continue reaching out to support people most affected and in need.

My experiences the past 15 years in Nepal have deeply informed and helped evolve my Readings and Retreats. I have felt deeply nourished spiritually throughout the years I have been spending time involved in various social projects – naturally experiencing compassion in action. Now it feels truly that a coming together of my voluntary work in Nepal and my mainstream 'work' is unfolding.
To keep up to date with the progress of recovery & rebuilding that I am part of in Nepal through my organisation Hands With Hands, visit: www.handswithhands.com In the next weeks I will be outlining much more about rebuilding in eco-friendly, earthquake-safe ways that can empower communities on HwH website. As you might imagine, this experience gives me a lot to contemplate and grow with in so many ways!

I am incredibly grateful for my continued practice of both meditation and listening to my intuition, as there have been significant situations in the last months where the reflection of this has been a great support.  Today happens to be the three-month anniversary exactly, and yet another aftershock occurred as I wrote, a reminder that Mother Earth is very alive.  One point that has become even more clear for me is that natural disasters will always occur; it is up to us to decide how to live and build, and our choices will determine our ability to evolve with planet Earth! As well clarifying and evolving our relationship to ourselves and each other.

Some of you have been wondering if I am back doing readings and if workshops will be proceeding as scheduled. I did cancel the women's retreat in June in order to return to Nepal for a month to review, and support my Nepali friends and our projects.  I was very thankful to have that time. To everyone who was involved in that change, thank you for your understanding. However now I can clearly state: Yes, I am back doing readings, & Yes, the rest of the year’s planned events will proceed as on my calendar of events:

*  Now–September 28th I am available for Life Readings  (email Josie for bookings on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
*  August 27–30th Intuition & Meditation for Daily Life,held out at Zegg community. Carlos will join me with his Crystal Delight sounds & Rafael with meditative yoga, which adds variety & depth to our time together, join us in exploring inner wisdom & truth with fun.
*  Nov 15–21st Meditation & Yoga in the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal. I will be joined by Rafael to help facilitate an unforgettable experience of meditation in action & stillness.
*  Dec 5–11th Satori Retreat, Byron Bay, Australia 6 days of deeply & honestly uncovering "who you really are," in a process that is beautifully evolved to help you discover "you". Intimately experience your own illumination of truth & discovery of self.
*  Dec 14–18th Intuition 5-day Intensive, Byron Bay, Australia Intuition is my passion and I support you in these five days to practice and evolve your own capacity to "see" more clearly & deeply what is right here within you & around you - now.
*  Jan 14–Mar 30th I will be available for Life Readings once again.

I look forward to stay in touch and meeting  up with some of you in the next months, heartfelt love,

Yes, I am back doing readings & Events now!

I have been back to Nepal post earthquake during June/July and I am now back in Berlin, re-engaging with my *normal* life as well continuing in support of Nepal.

I was very thankful to return to Nepal for a few weeks and connect directly with my friends and our children there. I was very touched to see what has been transpiring in terms of support and relief intiated by my various Nepali friends. Plus during my time I was able to partake in some bigger decision making that will be part of the rebuilding into the next years, much of that will be sustainable and earthquake safe. For continued updates on Nepal please visit to my newly rennovated Hands-with-Hands website: www.handswithhands.com

Today happens to be exactly the 3rd month anniversay and just as I write there is another aftershock in Nepal ... the earth keeps shaking ...

Meanwhile, yes i am now back here in Berlin and conducting readings as well preparing for the various planned Retreats throughout the rest of the year, please look on my calendar for the details of these Events to come and join.

Again a super big thank you to so many of you who have been supporting and encouraging me during these past months of intensity as I have been involved directly with Nepal - it has been such a heart-fully amazing journey ... more to come on that soon!!

with MUCH love & appreciation, Kira

Kira at BSSOCH

Nepal Earthquake - post #8

Close your eyes for a moment after readings these lines and simply allow what you might feel ...

For a moment imagine your home, & most of your neighbors homes have just crumbled & collapsed ... as you look across the valley you see the same picture ... electricity & communications have stop working & you see friends, family who are injured, some seriously - you have no idea when help may arrive or even if any will.

This is the snapshot of the worst affected areas in Nepal, I know these areas well & I am super grateful for friends like Bikash Shahi​ & Neel Shahi​ & Melanie Hennessy​ from TEAM Nepal who are right now getting medical help, food and some shelter materials to those in most need in the Sindulpalchok district, one of the most hard hit during the earthquake. It will take time as we support these communities to rebuild & we will need continual help - from my heart I thank you all so much for the help that has poured in already ♥ ♥♥

Here is touching video made of the help being dispersed -made on Bikash's mobile phone 

Relief delivery in Thangpaldhap V.D.C, ward no 5,6,7,8 and 9

Donations can be made by:
1. By sending to our German Bank account
Account name: Hands with Hands e.V.
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG - address: Christstraße 9, 44789 Bochum, Germany
IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 1135 8729 00
(receipt for tax within EU available if donations made to this account)
2. Via PayPal, "send" funds to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
consider setting up a regular payment of $/€10+ that will ongoingly support in Nepal

(you can click the donate button to the right on this page for PayPal donations)

TEAM Nepal 6/5/16 - 1 TEAM Nepal 5/5/15 - 2 TEAM Nepal 5/5/15 - 3

Nepal Earthquake - post #7

Continuing to get news of help reaching where it is really needed - thank you all - in Nepal our awesome friends & International supportors/donors - many hands together we can make a difference.

Another report from another friend in Nepal - Neel Shahi initiated many projects in Sindhupalchok over the 15 years I have known him. Hands-with-Hands has helped with his Orphan Children Home, the Talamarang school & more in conjunction with his NGO "TEAM Nepal". We are continuing to help and have sent emergency relief funds already. By chance?! Melanie who has been a key donor support for the Children Home is a qualified doctor and was on location when the quake happened, so delivery of medical health is already well underway - thank you Neel & Bikash Shahi & all your other family & friends who are helping ...

From Neel: " TEAM Nepal's first lot of assistance to the remote village of Talamarang. Chuna powder, Medicines and home clinic for the victim of devastating earthquake officially started. Thank you very much everyone for every assistance and effoft you have made to help Nepalese people."

Thank you everyone who has been supporting & sending donations

(you can click the donate button to the right on this page for PayPal donations)

TEAM Nepal 1-4/15 TEAM Nepal 2-4/15 TEAM Nepal 3-4/15

Nepal Earthquake - post #6

The emergency relief is getting to where it is needed - step by step

I have known Sibjan Chaulagain for several years and his integrity is outstanding - super happy to read he managed to reach Kalamati village in Sindhuli where many homes were badly damaged ... the emergency outreach is still happening, next will be the long road to rebuilding in a healthier way - however it is heart-touching to read this news update from Sibjan and see his photos:

"We have been into Kalamati village.  Although we tried a lot to find voluntary vehicle, we couldn't and ended up paying. But we are here. Villagers have formed a unit listing victimized people. Inspected the houses and successfully distributed Tarps, dry foods and treated some wounds. Bigger demand of tarps has been found. Thank you all for your support."

Thank you everyone who has been supporting & sending donations

(you can click the donate button to the right on this page for PayPal donations)

Kalamati village 1 Kalamati village 2 Kalamati village 3

Kalamati village 4 Kalamati village 5 Kalamati village 6

Nepal Earthquake - post #5

Good news - and the pictures say more about the extent of the damages

I am super happy to make a positive update from Nepali friends who went directly to one of the most affected rural area a few days ago and sent this note just now on their return:

"Namaste kira we all are fine here, Just I am return back to Gorkha. In the situation of Dhawa all so many houses are damaged and all school are also damaged But all people are alive. We distributed 50 tent and dry food We have15 volunteers Dhawa Vdc of gorkha .They collected so many funds and another material and helping." - Thank you Shila Pandey for your courage & willingness to help!

As you will see from these photos - which reflect a large portion of rural areas affected - many, many homes are no longer livable. The rebuilding is going to be a massive task. I am super happy to say there are already some awesome Nepali people on board thinking and planing on this topic, with sustainability & community empowerment at the top on their mind. Nripal Adhikary (who also organised & initiated this current field help) & his company ABARI will be doing some initiation and we will be supporting additional sustainable building support using bamboo and othe natural materials. We will need a LOT of help.

I will be collating details and discussing strategic planing in the next days and will keep everyone posted!

  Gorka relief team    Gorka village 211180288 812792228811649 80497091 nGorka village 1Gorka Village      Makeshift shelters          Gorka village 4

Nepal Earthquake - post #4

Still shaking ... the after tremors continue

The situation in Nepal continues to be really difficult. After tremors continue, adding to fear and anxiety. I have just been talking with the team from our Bhaktapur Self-Sustaining Orphan Home in Sipadol village - I was with them when the actual big quake occurred and know they are all alive - but now there is no chance of living in our Home again as the building is truly structurally damaged. We have sent emergency funds and trying to get tents - but it is not easy. Thankfully the Home has water and food - especially from our own garden! So immediate food is ok. However we keep hearing of more and more villages and places with nothing at all - so we truly ask if you can be helpful and donate what you can - all of it is going directly to help with basic essentials right now.

You can donate by:
1. By sending to our German Bank account
Account name: Hands with Hands e.V.
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG - address: Christstraße 9, 44789 Bochum, Germany
IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 1135 8729 00
(receipt for tax within EU available if donations made to this account)

2. Via PayPal, "send" funds to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More donation options coming as I find out how to do so from Australia & USA & other locations ...

collecting potatoes from our garden   Our Children tempoary shelters water  more cracked walls        cracked columns         Cracked walls


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