Clare Soloway



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Clare Soloway has been a psychotherapist, group leader and an explorer of the uniqueness and the mystery of human beings for over 40 years. She trained in the United States and then returned to England in 1970 where she co-founded the first centre for Humanistic Psychology in Europe, Quaesitor. She was trained as a Gestalt and Bio-Energetics Psychotherapist and as a Group Therapist; her teachers being amongst the pioneers of the early days of Humanistic Psychology.

I deeply respect and recommend Clare's workshops, individual sessions and intensive 'relationship retreats'. She has been, and continues to be, an inspiring mentor in my life. I would highly recommend you join either her Satori Retreats (nearby Berlin and in the UK) or other events she offers from time to time. Events with Clare could truly be a support to discover more about 'you' and stimulate your potential into living action. Clare has a wealth of experience and wisdom that has evolved from her own personal life experience - which is varied, colourful and encompasses many aspects of human experience. In my view there are few facilitators and wise women of her equal.