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News update July 2015

10th July 2015
Hello dear friends,
2015 has been an interesting year so far for me – New Year’s Day, the building I was staying in was hit by lightning, giving me an extraordinary experience of being shattered with light and sound yet feeling very whole, complete and safe. Perhaps this was a precursor for me to remember about wholeness and potential in the face of seeming disaster, as just four months later I was in Nepal during the massive earthquake. It has been an exceptional experience to share this with the Nepali communities that have become my friends and family over the past 15 years

I link here a short video clip that was made for me (thank you, Rani & Ulrich!) just after I had returned from Nepal post earthquake. It will give a glimpse of what I've been doing in Nepal and some of my experience during the earthquake.

Building Better Futures - Hands with Hands - Nepal 2015

Recently, many of you have called or written to me personally and offered support in various ways. This has been tremendously helpful, even if I have not had the chance to reply to each of you individually. Supporting one another in such a time of crisis has made me very much aware of how connected we are as an extended family. It has been so heartfully nourishing for me to have this experience and to realise it is truly possible. Some moments when I was feeling a bit flat, and overwhelmed with the extent my involvement in Nepal, I would receive a message or call that would uplift me and remind me that I was not alone.
Thank you to all of you who sent donations, good energy and your encouragement. These gifts are truly gifts that keep on giving, as in supporting me you enable me to support many of my Nepali friends to continue reaching out to support people most affected and in need.
My experiences the past 15 years in Nepal have deeply informed and helped evolve my Readings and Retreats. I have felt deeply nourished spiritually throughout the years I have been spending time involved in various social projects – naturally experiencing compassion in action. Now it feels truly that a coming together of my voluntary work in Nepal and my mainstream 'work' is unfolding.
To keep up to date with the progress of recovery & rebuilding that I am part of in Nepal through my organisation Hands With Hands, visit: In the next weeks I will be outlining much more about rebuilding in eco-friendly, earthquake-safe ways that can empower communities on HwH website. As you might imagine, this experience gives me a lot to contemplate and grow with in so many ways!
I am incredibly grateful for my continued practice of both meditation and listening to my intuition, as there have been significant situations in the last months where the reflection of this has been a great support. Today happens to be the three-month anniversary exactly, and yet another aftershock occurred as I wrote, a reminder that Mother Earth is very alive. One point that has become even more clear for me is that natural disasters will always occur; it is up to us to decide how to live and build, and our choices will determine our ability to evolve with planet Earth! As well clarifying and evolving our relationship to ourselves and each other.
Some of you have been wondering if I am back doing readings and if workshops will be proceeding as scheduled. I did cancel the women's retreat in June in order to return to Nepal for a month to review, and support my Nepali friends and our projects. I was very thankful to have that time. To everyone who was involved in that change, thank you for your understanding. I look forward to stay in touch and meeting up with some of you in the next months, heartfelt love.