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Conversations with Kira

Join me in some conversations I like having!

This page is dedicated to topics that many people are actively exploring and grappling with. I do include some themes that can be considered taboo, not so usually discussed in everyday situations. Through our shared conversations, we can bring these topics out into the ordinary daylight of everyday life. I have chosen to live an unusual life dedicated to exploring humanity and consciously examining what makes us who we are. I share and reflect on my experiences and insights as I travel my own path in life, and your questions may inspire me to respond with insightful and helpful information. Truth takes many paths. My experiences may benefit others who are interested in consciousness, intuition, living a whole life, and giving back to our world. I offer this page as inspiration and illumination for your personal journey, and for the shared journey of uncovering our own and others’ potential.

Below, you have the option of listening to an MP3 audio recording or watching Kira share her inspirational conversations.

Perspectives on our Interesting Times

August 2020
I have received numerous requests to share my views on the current pandemic and what it means. In this essay I have attempted to weave in answers to various questions.

An image that has come to me repeatedly over the past few years is that of a forest. In this forest there are many big trees that dominate the forest, blocking the light for the smaller trees and new seedlings in the understory. A number of the big trees have recently been damaged causing them to partially fall onto one another. Many of these big old trees are still living but no longer in their full glory and capacity. The result is that the light is now able to reach much further down into the forest. - Listen to full audio below.

You can listen to Kira's Audio recording/Mp3 on Soundcloud here below

I We are One

Recorded July 2018

I like to imagine the peace symbol in a unique way, which is a lighthearted yet deep way of a remembering a profound truth. I, we are one. When I truly and deeply understand who “I am”, as I evolve compassion and love and understanding for myself I find peace within - I can then naturally truly understand others and engage my care and compassion find peace with and for for others. Which naturally leads me to an understanding of wholeness, of oneness – that empowers me to live a life that is more compassionate, caring and including the whole – the whole of me, the whole of others and the context in which we find ourselves – which innately holds space for so much more than we currently can imagine or know.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the left

We all Respond To Kindness

Recorded July 2018

We all respond to kindness. Our deep innate need to belong and to care for one another is hard wired into our biology and spirit. When we open to this truth and discover the wisdom of our heart, deep healing can happen. Both within ourselves and within our relationships with beloved as well with those people we have difficulties with. As we reach out with kindness to others in our ordinary daily lives then we begin to have extraordinary interactions that reinforce this truth, that remind us of a deeper aspect of our own and others humanity.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the right

Wisdom Connected

Recorded July 2018

Despite our very civilised and internet connected world that has knowledge at our finger tips the truth is that we live within so much unknown every moment. When we genuinely appreciate the depth of this fact it widens out perception and capacity to respond. There are real reasons why mediation and contemplation support our ability to respond to our situations, relationships and environment. When we take the time to connect within to our deeper wisdom we are tapping into an infinite source of wisdom far greater than any manmade internet. When we remember to take the time to quietly relax and access this inner wisdom ourselves in everyday we are literally plugging into a wider source of information that what is in our known mind.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the left

Tell Me Who You Are

Recorded July 2018

We are often asked what is our name, or what work we do but it is rare that we are asked who we really are. Yet we are so much more than our name and roles in Life. Within each one of us is a natural, innate depth of eternal wisdom. We do not need to change or evolve to gain this wisdom – this place/space is within us already – it is simply remembering and allowing ourselves to access this source of truth.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the right

Interview with Ava Lowe

Recorded 8th January 2018

Ava Lowe, who recently attended Kira's Intuition Development Intensive in Australia (2017) asks Kira questions about how did she learnt and evolved her intuitive capacity. Plus other practical questions about how we can each develop our own intuition

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below

Conversation with Kira and Carlos on Intuition in everyday life

Recorded October 2017

Carlos Habig, who frequently joins Kira's Intuition events in German with his soundscapes, asks Kira questions on why should we use intuition in everyday. Kira's answers include the broader view of exploring and understanding our humanity and potential individually and collectively by becoming practiced in using our intuition.

Why use our Intuition?

Published 8/8/17

Why use our Intuition, what benefit do we gain from using it? Kira's reply is wide ranging in the practical and holistic benefits is using our Intuition in everyday life.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the Left

How do I know it is my Intuition?

Published 7/8/17

How do I know it is my Intuition? Kira's reply focuses on how to discern between our mind, our hopes or wishes and the clarity of what is our real Intuition.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the right

Does everyone have intuition?

Recorded 31st July 2017

Absolutely yes! Every single one of us has an active and alive intuition and it is possible for us to access this in an ordinary everyday way.