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"To be a human being is truly a gift. Often, we do not realise or appreciate the opportunity that we have right here, right now." - Kira Kay

About Kira

Who Am I? - This ancient question has been the driving force of Kira’s personal exploration. This question is a good starting point for getting to know me.

Life Readings

A Life Reading is an opportunity to explore and to see your life as it is right now with honesty, clarity, understanding & compassion. It provides a mirror of compassionate clarity to see what is.


Coming together in a supportive environment with an opportunity for guidance and encouragement can increase the potential to see yourself and others more clearly.

Kira's Blog

Enjoy Kira's occasional writings and musings
on various topics that may inspire and uplift you.

Retreats / Events

Discover what retreats and events Kira offers
and how they may  further your understanding
and experience of self.

Giving Back   ...   Projects in Nepal

Read more about Kira's social welfare projects
in Nepal and her philosophy on 'giving back'