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Giving gifts that keep on giving

Published: 20 December 2015

I often wonder the world would be like if each one of us listened to our heart, our inner wisdom, and truly gave of ourselves to each other and the world around us. A world where giving is about supporting & empowering of others and not about status or accumulation of more 'stuff' – where the giver feels so incredibly given to by giving!

This past year has been a kaleidoscope of experiences on this theme for me. Receiving support and donations in many forms that I could then pass on and share within Nepal after the massive earthquake – experiencing this amazing ripple effect of nourishing heartfelt support. I wish I could somehow convey the profoundness of connections that this illuminated – how so many of us are much more deeply in touch and in tune with one another than we may realise.

Now as we come to the time of year where there is a lot of focus on giving of gifts I invite all of us to consider and contemplate gifts that keep on giving … I am sure there can be many creative options explored!  One that is close to my heart is of course making a donation to my charity, however you may uncover all sorts of interesting gifts that keep on giving!  I will be curious to hear the variety that may come about from a little reflection, creativity, perhaps also a little vulnerability as we give of ourselves …

My Christmas wish this year is that as we sit down with our beloveds and share gifts that in our heart of hearts we experience that delightful inner feeling of having made someone else feel uplifted, supported and cared about...