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Kira's Blog

Wishing us all a 2020 of uplifting hope!

1st January 2020
Bathing in the forest at sunrise in on Jan 1st, 2020, tuning in to what this year may bring us … the strongest impulse I had was of reigniting uplifting hope. An invitation to dream, to open and innovate. To remember our potential to reinvent ourselves by embracing vulnerability and unknown horizons and meeting each other fresh with kindness and compassion. I have the feeling that 2020 will bring forth some unexpected surprises that remind us that despite the chaos, judgments and critical perceptions that the possibilities of our future are indeed limitless and unmapped. I hope to meet many of you over this next year and invite you to share your dreams, your stories of uplifting hope and innovation with me so we may all co-create together a future we can't even imagine in this moment!