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Taking care of one another

3rd June 2020
I wish to share with you all one beautiful present that arrived online this week - this short video made by sons of my heart in Nepal (at our Annapurna Children Home). It has been inspiring to witness them now grown now into teenagers finding their voices bringing attention in this time of COVID-19 the importance to care and look out for one another. My eyes were really leaking tears watching this as I feel and hear their message – I trust and hope you enjoy it as well image001.png For those of you who may not know the situation in Nepal is very dire at present, the lockdown continuing long past what we in western countries have experienced. Many people are now without food for an extended time without any likelihood of employment or support for an indefinite time. In truth Nepal now has a crisis that is likely to be far more impacting that the catastrophic 2015 earthquake – primarily from hunger and poverty than the actual impact of the COVID-19 itself. I was so touched that these young teenagers grasped this so clearly and now raise awareness to this topic. I have a feeling they will have some follow-up videos coming too!