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Kira's 2021 New Year Meditation

January 2021
As 2020 draws to a close and we open into this next year of 2021, I find myself reflecting on the personal learnings I have gained this past year. Along with the chaos and uncertainty that unfolded I am left with a compelling remembering of the power of kindness and connection – how often a random simple act of kindness had a huge ripple effect that additionally deeply nourished me.
I think I can safely say that this past year 2020 has not been an ordinary year!
I imagine many of us have experienced a tumult year where plans have gone awry and unexpected happenings have become normal. A year where we have all been reminded to not take for granted our health and life circumstances. I deeply acknowledge that for some of us it has been a harrowing and traumatic year. It can be challenging to accept unexpected and sometimes heartbreaking changes – yet I can’t help but feel that we are being encouraged evolve and develop a wider perspective of ourselves and life.
On this last day of 2020 as I write this note, looking into the horizon of 2021, I feel a profound sense of hope. An image of rays of sunlight cracking through the heavy grey clouds comes into my consciousness. It is quite likely that the year ahead may not be fully in sunshine and heavy clouds may continue to block our view frequently. I imagine that we individually and collectively may still face many obstacles and challenges. Yet those rays of sunshine will break through again and again to continue inspiring and reminding us of new possibilities and horizons.
Listening into our wiser selves and being open to the messages from life around us can be a support to navigate what is likely to be a year ahead of mystery and unknowns. When we take the time and space to breathe, to open and allow this mystery and magic that is Life, our visible horizons become easier to perceive.
We human beings have evolved to be social and to support one another. Our innate natural drive is to connect. If we look deeply into our evolutionary psychology, we all have a need to belong, to feel safe. Contrary to some popular myths, we are actually genetically designed to be kind and to help each other – it is what has allowed our species to thrive. Altruism benefits all of us, when we are socially engaged and connected with one another. When we make choices not out of fear, but allow space for our innovation, curiosity and creativity, it becomes very apparent that we are hardwired for kindness and connection. In very real ways, we gain reward from helping others. The result is that, even in the face of adversity, we experience a wider sense of possibility and abundance – and often happiness – when we are helping others or being helped.
Crisis often draws us into situations, emotions and dynamics we would not normally choose. Often in crisis situation we come together with our natural impulse to support one another. When another person expresses their vulnerability, we are invited and encouraged to reveal our own. A bond can form in a shared expression of vulnerability, helplessness and unknown. A bond that transcends automatic borders of race, gender, culture and previous grievances can mature us into a new level of understanding, humanity and connection. My sense is that many new bonds of connection have formed in various ways for many people in this unusual year of 2020 and these bonds may very well mature and evolve in 2021.
As we move forward now into a new year, please remember to listen within, to feel, and sense for yourself truth in this moment. Look around you in your daily life to see and recognise the support present in your own life. Explore, as well, what may be appropriate for you to support in other people’s lives – remembering our natural interdependence and the big gift of talent within each one of us. Allow joy and connection in small moments that uplift you – and others. We do all respond to care, love and kindness.
A final encouragement: don’t hold on to what was, but be open to the mystery of the unknown and what is yet to come, personally and collectively
Wishing all of us a nourishing New Year in 2021 and much heartfelt love, Kira
Dawn Jan 1st, 2021, I meditated in the forest nature surrounding my cottage and tuned in for a New year message, please enjoy this audio meditation of inspiration 💕