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Kira's Blog

(This is the written text from Kira’s spoken New year 2023 meditation, please excuse therefore less than optimal written grammar!)

I am sitting quietly in my favourite forest at the start of 2023, taking a moment to get a sense of this year ahead. I really enjoy doing this at the beginning of the year, simply to meditate and tune in and to perhaps glimpse some sense of what this year might be. I use the nature around me as inspiration and symbology, to give me a sense of what may be coming and to perhaps perceive or understand in softer way, different to what my mind’s normal perception may be.

One thing I am noticing as I sit here this early morning is that the fog is very thick, even though the sun definitely is rising, as the light is filtering through even though it's very hard to actually see the sun. I have a sense that may be a very good symbol for 2023! That the light, and the potential of each of us and our wider world, may be brighter than we might perceive in this moment – that parts of that light will filter through regardless of the dark. My sense is that if we can remember that, if we can remember that the light is there even if it seems very dark, even if we're feeling rather helpless or hopeless. Remember to breath down into our body, to feel the earth beneath us. To allow whatever anxiety or overwhelm that we may be experiencing in that moment, that maybe through our breath we can connect with the earth and to maybe remember that we are part of something bigger. Take this as a possibility - that the light will eventually burn through that fog, and whatever is conflicting, whatever might be overwhelming - at some point it will shift and new understanding may come or other dynamics or situations may arise.

In this very moment I encourage you to gently look for what you can be thankful for, to yourself, to each other. I do get a sense of opening when we are softer with ourselves, each other and with the earth - even if you are upset or angry about something. This is not discounting the fire energy that may have risen because it may also be waking something up in you - but generally to be softer, lighter gentler. For me personally I have found that the gentler approach has helped me to find wisdom more easily - even if I have something that is rising up. I am very blessed at this moment in life to have a lot of nature around so that I can take that time in the nature to sit quietly to feel the vibrancy of nature around me. What has really supported me is to realise diversity - that each person, each situation, each dynamic - is unique. Just as I sit here in the forest and each tree, each plant, each bird, each insect – some are quite annoying and many are amazingly beautiful, inspiring - all of it makes up the whole, all of it makes up a world in which I live. Accepting all of it, is for me the journey, the pathway. How can I best support both myself and others to find that acceptance and softening, that is to me my journey in life.

Back to 2023 that's what's ahead for us! I have a sense that the wider geopolitics of our world will continue to be somewhat conflicting. Underneath I feel that a lot of the disturbance, including the various wars around in our world – and including that I would really, really love that we have no war – sometimes that disruption also serves a purpose. I know that I feel my helplessness for the circumstances and the people caught up in conflict, yet, when I tune into the bigger picture I get this sense of something positive happening in all of this. That there is an unfolding that may not be logical, may not be visible to us yet. It may even still be years ahead when we look back and we realise that it makes sense now (in the future now) why all of that was happening, happened. I have spoken before of a sense for me that a lot of our older structures, like the old trees in the forest, are somewhat collapsing. Yet more than ever I get the sense of new arising. In the future we may not have the big iconic structures that we have had in the past, our world may not look like that which we currently know anymore. It may be a very different world that is rising - I have a sense that we might get some glimpses this year of new technology, new understandings, new visions. I encourage all of us to just keep remembering to let go of what we think we know, to let go of what we think might be the right way or the best way and give some space for not knowing. To give some space for the mystery, give some space for maybe what we cannot see and perhaps maybe not even imagine right now !
I have been fortunate to meet some very beautiful young people these past years and I feel deeply inspired by the intelligence and vision and capacity of some of the younger people -who in years ahead potentially may be our future leaders.

I encourage us to give more space and invitation to play, to enjoy and generally to somehow have that lighter energy engaged. Especially when I think of children and see them playing, the way that they learn, develop, and evolve through play. As adults we often frown upon play, we don't really think of it as something that is relevant to life, but I beg to differ, I think we really need to play. I feel we need to allow a little of what I call “positive crazy”, to allow humour, the “left of centre” thinking as it may just illuminate, bring forth that intuitive wisdom that is sometimes not seen because we're so locked into what we think we know or what we think we want. One point I know from personal experience again and again is that in a crisis or in some circumstances that our life turns us upside down and forces us to look differently. What could be if we volunteered instead if needing a crisis? What may happen if we ‘choose’ to look differently and not necessarily have the crisis? Maybe that is an invitation this year!

As I sit here in the forest I am reminded once again of the interrelationship and interdependence of all that we are. As human beings we tend to think of ourselves as rather individual and often forget how interdependent we really are - maybe that is also something to remember this year. Experiment with being open to perceiving and seeing the interdependence, looking around to see how much other people, the planet, the universe really is giving to you, is supporting you in ways that might not at first glance be obvious but perhaps with a deeper contemplation that interconnectedness is visible. To me this feels important, a vital wisdom, that each of us can gain further understanding of. A wisdom that helps in so many ways. I am remembering something that came up for me this past year , something that may be very relevant going forward for all of us - that is feel, to sense, to allow how much we are all actually deeply, profoundly held and supported. By whatever we want to call it - the universe; grace; God. I was sharing with someone recently about the first time I profoundly experienced this, which was quite a few years ago now, and I was going through very difficult confronting experience and then quite unexpectedly I was just flooded with this deep sense of love, a belovedness. An experience I can't really put into words except to say that I think probably for the first time in my life it was feeling that everything is OK, I am OK and I am not alone, ever. I invite those of you who are reading this to be open for a deeper quality, sense, capacity of support that you may not have realised is already here. Nothing you need to do, nothing to change or shift – that this support is right here, right now for all of us. To me this illuminates the interconnection, that we are part of all that is – and yes, we are here to be an individual human being and that is a very personal experience for each one of us, who we are – but we are also this deep universal sense of love, much more than personal love. I really invite, support and encourage each of you to be open to new experiences of being supported, feeling that sense of being held, being OK, being loved. Feeling and sensing the light even when the clouds are heavy the fog thick, the overwhelm is present. To know that you are not alone, we are all walking our individual path but we are all walking together.

My dear friends, I wish you an insightful and potentially playful and joyful 2023 and may we all walk together, inspire, explore and discover new inspirations, new understandings and new ways of being with one another, and our planet this year! Much love to all of you