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Yes, I am back doing readings & Events now

25 July 2015

I have been back to Nepal post earthquake during June/July and I am now back in Berlin, re-engaging with my *normal* life as well continuing in support of Nepal.

I was very thankful to return to Nepal for a few weeks and connect directly with my friends and our children there. I was very touched to see what has been transpiring in terms of support and relief intiated by my various Nepali friends. Plus during my time I was able to partake in some bigger decision making that will be part of the rebuilding into the next years, much of that will be sustainable and earthquake safe. For continued updates on Nepal please visit to my newly rennovated Hands-with-Hands website:

Today happens to be exactly the 3rd month anniversay and just as I write there is another aftershock in Nepal ... the earth keeps shaking ...

Meanwhile, yes i am now back here in Berlin and conducting readings as well preparing for the various planned Retreats throughout the rest of the year, please look on my calendar for the details of these Events to come and join.

Again a super big thank you to so many of you who have been supporting and encouraging me during these past months of intensity as I have been involved directly with Nepal - it has been such a heart-fully amazing journey ... more to come on that soon!!

with MUCH love & appreciation, Kira

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