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Nepal Earthquake - post #8

5th May 2015

Close your eyes for a moment after readings these lines and simply allow what you might feel ...

For a moment imagine your home, & most of your neighbors homes have just crumbled & collapsed ... as you look across the valley you see the same picture ... electricity & communications have stop working & you see friends, family who are injured, some seriously - you have no idea when help may arrive or even if any will.

This is the snapshot of the worst affected areas in Nepal, I know these areas well & I am super grateful for friends like Bikash Shahi​ & Neel Shahi​ & Melanie Hennessy​ from TEAM Nepal who are right now getting medical help, food and some shelter materials to those in most need in the Sindulpalchok district, one of the most hard hit during the earthquake. It will take time as we support these communities to rebuild & we will need continual help - from my heart I thank you all so much for the help that has poured in already ♥ ♥♥

Here is touching video made of the help being dispersed -made on Bikash's mobile phone 

Relief delivery in Thangpaldhap V.D.C, ward no 5,6,7,8 and 9

Donations can be made by:
1. By sending to our German Bank account
Account name: Hands with Hands e.V.
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG - address: Christstraße 9, 44789 Bochum, Germany
IBAN: DE46 4306 0967 1135 8729 00
(receipt for tax within EU available if donations made to this account)
2. Via PayPal, "send" funds to:
consider setting up a regular payment of $/€10+ that will ongoingly support in Nepal

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