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Nepal Earthquake - post #7

4th May 2015

Continuing to get news of help reaching where it is really needed - thank you all - in Nepal our awesome friends & International supportors/donors - many hands together we can make a difference.

Another report from another friend in Nepal - Neel Shahi initiated many projects in Sindhupalchok over the 15 years I have known him. Hands-with-Hands has helped with his Orphan Children Home, the Talamarang school & more in conjunction with his NGO "TEAM Nepal". We are continuing to help and have sent emergency relief funds already. By chance?! Melanie who has been a key donor support for the Children Home is a qualified doctor and was on location when the quake happened, so delivery of medical health is already well underway - thank you Neel & Bikash Shahi & all your other family & friends who are helping ...

From Neel: " TEAM Nepal's first lot of assistance to the remote village of Talamarang. Chuna powder, Medicines and home clinic for the victim of devastating earthquake officially started. Thank you very much everyone for every assistance and effoft you have made to help Nepalese people."

Thank you everyone who has been supporting & sending donations