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Nepal Earthquake - post #6

3rd May 2015

The emergency relief is getting to where it is needed - step by step

I have known Sibjan Chaulagain for several years and his integrity is outstanding - super happy to read he managed to reach Kalamati village in Sindhuli where many homes were badly damaged ... the emergency outreach is still happening, next will be the long road to rebuilding in a healthier way - however it is heart-touching to read this news update from Sibjan and see his photos:

"We have been into Kalamati village.  Although we tried a lot to find voluntary vehicle, we couldn't and ended up paying. But we are here. Villagers have formed a unit listing victimized people. Inspected the houses and successfully distributed Tarps, dry foods and treated some wounds. Bigger demand of tarps has been found. Thank you all for your support."

Thank you everyone who has been supporting & sending donations

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