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Meditation for Living

When one tastes the sweet nectar of connecting deeply with thy own soul, finding the quiet peace within that is always present, one never forgets this remembering.
My years of journeying and deepening my own personal practice of meditation and self enquiry has inspired me to invite others to join me in profoundly powerful and evocative locations about the world that have deepened my own experiences. These locations naturally invite an alive stillness, invoking spiritual consciousness and inviting you to travel deeply into who you are. Each location has an ancient history of nourishing and supporting personal awakening. – Kira Kay

Location 1: Himalayan Mountains – Nepal

Nepal and its people is a profound teacher and offer a great diversity of experiences. Kira is currently offering a “Karma Yoga” retreat experience based in Nepal. This is a combination of accompanying Kira to various women and children projects in village locations as well enjoying the exquisite nature and culture of Nepal. A significant amount of time will be spent in contemplative discussion and experiences involving ‘being available’ in service. These segments provide wider perspectives on humanity, life, karma yoga and compassion in action that enable your understanding of mediation in daily life to evolve in your life. Naturally your retreat time will include breathtaking mountain locations with panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges. Sunrise and sunset meditations are natural invitations to awaken you to inner knowledge and life.

The next dates for the Nepal groups - ON HOLD

Zen Story: Moon Reflection

“Why must I meditate in order to achieve enlightenment?” demanded the prince of his teacher. “I can study. I can pray. I can think on issues clearly. Why this silly emptying of the mind?” “I will show you,” said the teacher, taking a bucket of water into the garden under the full moon. “Now I stir the surface and what do you see?” “Ribbons of light,” answered the prince. “Now wait,” said the teacher setting the bucket down. Both teacher and boy watched the calming surface of the water in the bamboo bucket for many minutes. “Now what do you see?” asked the teacher. “The moon,” replied the prince. “So, too, young master, the only way to grasp enlightenment is through a calm and settled mind.” (From Zen Fables)