Natural Born Woman

A call to all Women

A call to all Women
It is time for us to stand simply and truly in ‘who we really are’!!

Time to let go of our outdated expectations of ‘man’ and gain a clearer perspective of ‘woman’, and most certainly time to let go of beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that limit us living our potential. Lets shrug them off like clothes we no longer fit into, and instead be naked, alive – ourselves.

Time to be freely the Natural Born Woman that you are …

I say this from a place of deeply feeling that as a collective, and individually, we women are not living out our potential, not allowing ourselves to live our powerful magnificence. We have so much to give – to ourselves, to each other, our families, friends – the whole of the world. So rather than ‘complain’ about the state of our relationships/family, the state of the world, how about we make constructive contributions?!

We are innately born with everything that we need – intelligence, alive energy, intuition, communication skills, collaborative intention, empathy, compassion, love, sexuality, strength, perseverance, passion … and oh so so so much more! What we do with these natural born gifts is up to us – we do have choice. We do not need to follow our mothers and grandmothers in the automatic conditioned roles – and we most certainly do not want to gift our daughters the burden of compromise and complaint! I would want my daughters to know about ‘living her magnificent potential’, for her to feel free and gift the world with her uniqueness.

I have been working with women in a variety of circumstances over the last 25 years, and am a woman myself, so I do feel I can speak with some authority on the topic of the natural power of women!

During the past several years within my volunteer work in Nepal I have witnessed extremely poor women in remote rural and city areas who, after being given the possibility of starting a small business for themselves, then given the support and encouragement so that they can ‘trust themselves’ to make an income for their family – they then do so. Plus, most of these women I have met have also then ‘found their voice’. In realising their capabilities and that they can achieve, that they can make a difference, they begin to realise many other points in their life and community situation that they can speak out about, can offer solutions, can ask for help or begin initiatives. This has been deeply touching and inspiring for me to be a part of.

How would it be if we as women, used our natural gift of coming together, of communication, of intuition, and used this to support each other, to encourage each other in new initiatives? Using out natural abilities to network and spread new information and new ways of acting in the world, we can make a huge difference! We women are in fact the slightly greater majority on the planet, and if you then include the children in our care, we are a clear majority! So can we let our voice be heard?

It can be helpful to identify our limiting beliefs and attitudes, and then to release outdated views on gender roles. The world in which we are living is clearly in change. What better way to move with change than to change ourselves? Or a better way to say it is perhaps to say respond to the invitations that life changes are inviting in each one of us and collectively.

As we women change, become more in tune with our natural gifts, we also create a natural space for men in their evolution. For both gender roles are in movement. Many men in all spectrums of life are finding their definition of male role is changing, and many have no idea of what this means. And frequently us women are contributing to that confusion by expecting our partner/father/son/brother/colleague to fit a whole spectrum of ideals – which may not fit for him, nor be in tune with his potential.

So, how do we do it differently? My thought on this is that both women and men need to be more honest – with themselves and with each other. In this way a fresh clarity and level of harmony that we have not yet had on the planet between the genders can evolve.

How can we start doing that?

I suggest take a moment and contemplate for yourself the places in your life where you feel you are not feeling you are fulfilled, or where you are not living how you would like. Best if you can write down the points, it can give you a different viewpoint by writing it down and then reading it back to yourself.

Perhaps take a contemplative look at why you feel not fulfilled – notice how many times you might say something like ‘well because my husband/boyfriend doesn't…..; or ‘I need a partner to …’; or ‘I want my partner to do/meet my…’; or ‘when I have a partnership then ….’ etc.

Additionally take a review at where and how you might be compromising. A good indication of where you are compromising is to look at where you have complaint – especially when it concerns another person (your partner?!). I know very few women who are not compromising. And, I say this with a smile, knowing my own journey and surprise at seeing my own complaint/compromise links! Plus I can add, in seeing it clearly how much more space for me has opened up.

It can also be helpful to explore your dreams and visions – those invitations in your life asking you to step into your magnificence, that take you to the edge of your comfort zone – and help you to fly! Maybe they are not dreams but indeed clear views into your new potential?

It can also be helpful to ‘include’ all of you. The wide variety of thoughts, emotions, background, experiences – nothing in you is ‘wrong’ NO THING! This is really true. Take a look for yourself, ask yourself, reflect on every thing you judge in yourself. Somehow it has all been an instrument of your learning of ‘you’ helping to unlock and support an opening of you understanding your own humanity and others.

I can honestly and heart-fully say I am writing this from my own journey of experience. It has only been in recent years that I have realised that perhaps my own experiences and learned wisdom can be of help and support to other women. So I am following my own inner calling in making this ‘call to all women’! And in this I sincerely feel I am supporting mankind, our male counterparts and our own sisterhood – if we stand up and ‘BE’ alive then we truly have something to aspire towards – a new possibility of human potential.

I have the feeling I will be writing more on this topic, so stay tuned and explore for yourself your own natural born woman! (& natural born man, for the men reading this!) I will be interested to hear from you as you experiment with some of the above suggestions!

With love and aliveness, Kira

Evening coming together with women in Kira's home to explore who we are today as women.
2018 women circle gatherings in Berlin with Kira:
Monday 25th June
Monday 23rd July
Monday 20th August

2018 women circle gatherings in Berlin with Kira:
Monday 25th June
Monday 23rd July
Monday 20th August

Contact Josie to learn more

Bare Sole - Walking with Mindfulness - 24th May 2018

Life Readings with Kira Kay - 6th June 2018

Intuition & Meditation for Every Day Life - 30 Aug 2018

Discover Your True Self - A Journey Inward - 14 Sep 2018

Satori Retreat with Kira Kay - 8th Dec 2018

Intuition 5 Day Intensive with Kira Kay - 17th Dec 2018





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Discover your true self

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Discover Your True Self - an inward journey

Who are you?

Rhinebeck, New York 14th - 16th September

Understanding this seemingly simple question opens us up to more joy, peace, and fulfillment. But ideas placed on us by others all too often prevent us from understanding and accepting ourselves fully. In this experiential workshop Kira invites us to access our inner wisdom and realize the potential we hold inside – surprising and amazing ourselves.

What behaviors do you engage in? What are you curious about? As you engage in self-inquiry, you awaken your intuitive ability to see your own capacity. You begin to understand what you think, the way you think, and how your mind works – many aspects to which you may have been previously blind to.

Gain the self-awareness you need to participate more freely in life with less reaction and a deeper understanding of your day-to-day relationships. Give yourself permission to experience your whole self, and get to know who you really are. This gift of seeing yourself empowers your future choices and the potential that can unfold in your life. For many, the experienced depth of acceptance is profoundly freeing.

Individual guidance is available to support each participant as you discover your own truth and understanding.

4:00 pm – 7:00 pm Check In (Rooms available after 5:00 pm)
7:30 pm – 7:50 pm Welcome & Orientation
8:00 pm – 10:00 pm Workshop
8:00 am – 8:45 am Commuter check-in (if not checked-in the previous evening)
9:00 am – Noon Workshop
2:30 pm – 5:00 pm Workshop
9:00 am – Noon Workshop
Noon – 1:00 pm Check Out

Discover your True Self

Rhinebeck, NY
14th - 16th September

Discover workshop





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Natural Born Women

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Conversations with Kira

Join me in some conversations I like having!

This page is dedicated to topics that many people are actively exploring and grappling with. I do include some themes that can be considered taboo, not so usually discussed in everyday situations. Through our shared conversations, we can bring these topics out into the ordinary daylight of everyday life. I have chosen to live an unusual life dedicated to exploring humanity and consciously examining what makes us who we are. I share and reflect on my experiences and insights as I travel my own path in life, and your questions may inspire me to respond with insightful and helpful information. Truth takes many paths. My experiences may benefit others who are interested in consciousness, intuition, living a whole life, and giving back to our world. I offer this page as inspiration and illumination for your personal journey, and for the shared journey of uncovering our own and others’ potential.

If you have enjoyed Kira’s responses and inspirations, we invite you make a donation to Hands with Hands, Kira’s social innovation projects in Nepal. Donate to Hands with Hands Here

You are welcome to submit a question by email ‘here’

Below, you have the option of listening to an MP3 audio recording or watching Kira share her inspirational conversations.

Interview with Ava Lowe

Recorded 8th January 2018

Ava Lowe, who recently attended Kira's Intuition Development Intensive in Australia (2017) asks Kira questions about how did she learnt and evolved her intuitive capacity. Plus other practical questions about how we can each develop our own intuition

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below

Interview with Ava Lowe - January 2018

Conversation with Kira and Carlos on Intuition in everyday life

Recorded October 2017

Carlos Habig, who frequently joins Kira's Intuition events in German with his soundscapes, asks Kira questions on why should we use intuition in everyday. Kira's answers include the broader view of exploring and understanding our humanity and potential individually and collectively by becoming practiced in using our intuition.

Conversation with Kira and Carlos on Intuition in everyday life

Why Use Our Intuition

Why use our Intuition?

Published 8/8/17

Why use our Intuition, what benefit do we gain from using it? Kira's reply is wide ranging in the practical and holistic benefits is using our Intuition in everyday life.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the Left

Why Use My Intuition

How do I know it is my Intuition?

Published 7/8/17

How do I know it is my Intuition? Kira's reply focuses on how to discern between our mind, our hopes or wishes and the clarity of what is our real Intuition.

You can listen to Kira's Audio/Mp3 on Soundcloud below or watch on Youtube to the right

How Do I Know Its My Intuition

How Do I Know Its My Intuition

Does everyone have intuition?

Recorded 31st July 2017

Absolutely yes! Every single one of us has an active and alive intuition and it is possible for us to access this in an ordinary everyday way.

Does everyone have intuition

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Inspirational Poetry

Your calling has come.
Do you hear?
The ring of truth?
Know nothing now,
For all will unfold
In time & space
As it will
Nothing to do
Nowhere to go
Simply live,
Receive  and abound
in grace.

Into life I step
Fearfully, tentatively,
Little do I know
Of the neutrality
Of life
Allowing me to have
whatever reality

In love I treasure,
The heart
Of humanity
May we all know
the grace and fullness
of true peace

I call upon
The highest source
To guide & support
Through the mire and muddiness
Of emotions and mind
To find my own true
Innocence and natural
state of grace.

Healing waves
Leaping and dancing,
Reminding of delight and laughter,
Sometimes overwhelming and pounding,
Only to uplift and deliver me to
the soft sandy shore where I find my own feet
And walk again into life.

At times I despair
That there can indeed be peace
Within and without
Then a moment happens
Of perfection
Of duality
Of life
And I remember
this timeless quality
that I and all of life ‘is’.

Can we capture a moment?
Still the movement?
For what gain?
To remember past glory?
Can we kep the cup full
take a sip of tea
this moment
and this moment
and life continues to fill your cup
the cup is bottomless if we let it be...

I allow my being its fullness
to be
to express passionately
to live
to grow
to rejoice
to celebrate
I am going forth from now,
this moment, in ultimate glory
I invite my passion,
to live it, feel it,
in every cell
to come alive and tingle all over
and not know from moment to moment
who I am
where I am going
what is my calling - just to live now!

Now the poet awakens.
With sensation pervading the body, the tingle,
the orgasm as the spirit inhabits the body.
It is the poet returning to live.
To awaken the soul to the joy the delight of being alive.
With whisperings of a travelling muse
encouraging and fanning the flame of creativity.
Oh this wonderful journey to explore and express our inner divinity
So does it lead me round and round the world
admist the forest and fields of beings
Oh forth I go, on the endless journey of fun,
light, laughter and delight!

Who am I?
Where did I come from?
Where am I going?
Why do I feel I need to move?
To be different?
This need to seek?
This need to communicate?
What is this inner drive & passion to find out who I am?
And under every ‘I am’ to find the illusion of what I am not?
Is that who I am?
If I find who I am - will I know?
And will I then be fulfilled?
Am I questing past the obvious?
Seeking the maiden in the dream?
You say it is ‘now’
My question then is what is ‘now’
To whom do I turn?
You say it is I.
I know you not.
I say.
But who am I?
The circle.
No beginning, no end.
No here, no there, no now.
There is no time.
So what can I find?
I am nothing?

Let ye wander the world within
the inner essence
the oil of life
that ignites your
flame of passion
to experience this
glorious human dimension!

Dance truly and wildly
in dense mists of duality,
with total passion and intensity
so then shall the veil lift
to truly experience
the dawn of time,
your time

We enter now into a new time
A time of love, peace and harmony.
Where we will see each other with compassion,
with care and sincerity.
Where we can experience of merging together,
a melting of boundaries and separations.
Embrace and invite this new vibration,
nourish it as you would a delicate new baby,
feel it strengthen within you and within others.
This time is our time,our time to celebrate, to revel in.
Now is a new time

Exploring past the boundaries
of what is known
to find the fragments of
the long forgotten truth
of my own soul
Experiencing the expansive wonder of this
that is

With the land I can expand
With the sky I am reminded of the infinite
In my heart I know all that has been and all that is to come
In my soul I am wisdom
In my being I express eternal truth - by simply being me

Do I
Have the courage to live life,
Following that small quiet voice inside
Opening to the delight
Of being alive!

Do you dare to listen?
And to act?
When no path is obvious?
When something unknown beckons?
Feeling the tremors of fear and trembling with excitement
At the same time
Creating life beyond the known boundaries!

Is it my imagination?
Or do I truly hear
The whispers of miracles
The taste of possibility
How will I know if it is truth
Unless I step forth
And engage my life
And marry my own potential

I awake with wonder
seeing the beauty within and without
treasuring all that I am
taking the space and time to celebrate
this miracle of being alive!

Trembling and fragile,
Like a tender new seedling emerging from the earth.
My heart ripe, yet tight like a closed flower bud.
Now tasting the dew of the aliveness of springtime,
Inviting my heart to open and burst into blossom
Shining forth my uniqueness and glorious beauty.

Feeling enfolded in soft cotton,
the scent of fresh roses floating in the breeze.
Experiencing the soft embrace of my own arms,
the gentle encouragement of my own voice.
Touched by the unconditional love of my own spirit,
Yes, Yes...
I immerse myself in this gentleness for eternity.

I step forth,
into what I do not know.
Knowing only that I must take this forward direction,
this winding road of possibility.
Perhaps I will uncover my wildest dreams,
or discover my secret passion.
At the very least I will be alive,
and know that I tried.

Round and round I seem to travel,
Knowing only the story of my mind.
Nervously considering what may lie
Beyond the edge of my mind.
If only I can find the courage …
What is this growing in my belly?
Courage you say?
Could it be true?
Ahhhhhhhhhh … I jumped my first step!
I know courage now,
this is a welcome friend,
Always at my side ready for action.

In my darkest hour
I find inner depths and darkness
Which are the sentinels of the gateway
to my strength and power,
Allowing my own light shining forth brilliantly.

Can I be open to giving & receiving?
with delight and togetherness?
Releasing stressful situations
Letting the past be the past.
Allowing my passion to stimulate
My vision - and - creativity
into action.
So that I am truly
enjoying the bountiful gifts
of life
the freedom of my spirit

Where can I be but here?
Realising that I can only be here,
That the future is not here
The past is not here,
Yet I am here, now, simply me - enough!

As I gaze up into the moon,
Seeing the brilliant light
Subtly shine on my surroundings
Illuminating everything with a gentle glow.
I deeply realise that my own eyes can soften,
My own light can gently touch all that surround me.

Into the dawn of time I delve,
stretching to all horizons far and wide,
asking all peoples, sages and gods,
to find answers to my unending questions.
Only to discover the answers are under my nose,
within my own self!

I pose a question –
What is honesty?
If I am honest,
I would answer
I do not know.
Do I truly dare to be nakedly honest?

Letting my deep self
Wander the realms of dream-time
The misty world between worlds
Where clarity and wisdom reign
Where the mind slumbers like a child
Drawing forth naturally the guidance
My own soul wishes to be known.

Dancing in the magic fairy glen,
surrounded by ghosts of times gone past,
igniting the mysteries and stories
of my own soul’s journey.
In this passionate dance
I uncover ancient wisdom
living deep within my cells
waiting to be unleashed!

Always running from unseen fear,
My heart pounding, my body trembling,
I finally turn to face this unseen horror –
Only to discover the fear and darkness
fades to light as my gaze descends upon it.
What freeing power it is to discover
that there is no need to run, to hide.

Sitting simply watching
the water flowing down the valley.
No set path,
meandering and wandering
where there is ease and natural flow.
Oh to know this simple peace,
where nothing is an obstacle or barrier,
simply a turning point or curve in the flow...
Flowing like water

In the current of life
I twirl and swirl
not knowing up nor down.
Through the rapids and down the waterfall,
into the calm still pool.
Now realising the water is the same
no matter what part of the river of life I am in!

Whispering kisses in the wind
lightly caressing the empty spaces
tantalising, energising
inviting and tempting
to realise that
dreams and fantasies
are truly real!

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Meditation for Living

When one tastes the sweet nectar of connecting deeply with thy own soul, finding the quiet peace within that is always present, one never forgets this remembering.

My years of journeying and deepening my own personal practice of meditation and self enquiry has inspired me to invite others to join me in profoundly powerful and evocative locations about the world that have deepened my own experiences. These locations naturally invite an alive stillness, invoking spiritual consciousness and inviting you to travel deeply into who you are. Each location has an ancient history of nourishing and supporting personal awakening. – Kira Kay

Location 1: Himalayan Mountains – Nepal

October 25th - 15th November 2018

Nepal and its people is a profound teacher and offer a great diversity of experiences. Kira is currently offering a “Karma Yoga” retreat experience based in Nepal. This is a combination of accompanying Kira to various women and children projects in village locations as well enjoying the exquisite nature and culture of Nepal. A significant amount of time will be spent in contemplative discussion and experiences involving ‘being available’ in service. These segments provide wider perspectives on humanity, life, karma yoga and compassion in action that enable your understanding of mediation in daily life to evolve in your life. Naturally your retreat time will include breathtaking mountain locations with panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges. Sunrise and sunset meditations are natural invitations to awaken you to inner knowledge and life.

The next dates for the Nepal groups - October 25th – November 15th

Location 2: Australian Desert outback

24th - 30th May 2018 

The Australian desert is an extraordinary ancient land with open skies and vast wide planes. This is a walking meditation retreat, with camels, in the Australian outback desert. Max and Andrew, renowned ecologists with a long history of offering outback camel expeditions accompany Kira along with a dedicated support team. The ecologists will offer knowledge and education on the natural environment that we walk through as well explain the ongoing survey which is part of the expedition. Guidance with dreaming under the Milky Way starscape, instruction in mindful walking along with evening story telling and meditation insights with Kira, will inspire your inner wisdom to awake. Daily journal writing and sharing circles give natural space for your insights to emerge and integrate.

Zen Story: Moon Reflection

“Why must I meditate in order to achieve enlightenment?” demanded the prince of his teacher. “I can study. I can pray. I can think on issues clearly. Why this silly emptying of the mind?” “I will show you,” said the teacher, taking a bucket of water into the garden under the full moon. “Now I stir the surface and what do you see?” “Ribbons of light,” answered the prince. “Now wait,” said the teacher setting the bucket down. Both teacher and boy watched the calming surface of the water in the bamboo bucket for many minutes. “Now what do you see?” asked the teacher. “The moon,” replied the prince. “So, too, young master, the only way to grasp enlightenment is through a calm and settled mind.” (From Zen Fables)

2018 Retreats

Details of upcoming next Nepal Retreat here

Details of upcoming next Australian Desert Retreat here

Find out more about camel expeditions here

Contact Clare Davisson







Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

Natural Born Women

To find out more about Kira's retreats you can contact Josie


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Retreats and Events

Why join a group?

Coming together in a supportive environment with an opportunity for guidance and encouragement can increase the potential to see yourself and others more clearly. Personally, I have gained much from participating in workshops, seminars, gatherings, conferences and other forms of coming together. Consequently I encourage participation in groups if you wish to further your understanding and experience of self. In the various groups that I facilitate the emphasis is on experiential learning – various a medley exercises designed to support you to realise your own answers – amongst opportunities for communication with one another and inspiration. Thus, what you gain from the group is truly your own - and goes home with you.

Intuition/Psychic Development Seminars and Talks


Satori Self Discovery Residential 6 Day Retreat


Meditation for Living Residential Retreats


Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

Discover Your True Self - an inward journey

Discover Your True Self

Natural Born Woman - A call to all Women

Natural Born Woman


Bare Sole - Walking with Mindfulness - 24th May 2018

Life Readings with Kira Kay - 13th June 2018

Intuition & Meditation for Every Day Life - 30 Aug 2018

Discover Your True Self - A Journey Inward - 14 Sep 2018

Satori Retreat with Kira Kay - 8th Dec 2018

Intuition 5 Day Intensive with Kira Kay - 17th Dec 2018

Read more: Groups

Satori Retreat

Satori – a direct experience of your essence, a sense of peace and release, a quiet certainty.

What is a Satori?

The word Satori originated in Japan and describes that moment of illumination that is a direct experience of profound truth that accompanied certain Zen practices. The Satori Retreat has evolved from techniques of the East combined with Western methods to support each person to have the maximum opportunity to have a Satori experience. Once a person experiences Satori it can often mean that their life fundamentally changes. The experience of Satori can vary from person to person but the essence of the state is similar – a profound feeling of peace, a knowing of truth without doubt. For some people the experience may only be a momentary glimpse, for others it may be an extended period. A common aspect, however, is that the knowledge of the experience is lasting and life changing. Often there is the experience of empowerment, an inner foundation creating a more relaxed outlook on life, choices, and future potential.

What exactly is the structure of the Satori Retreat and what benefit can I gain?

'Satori' as we are discussing it here refers to a retreat of six days duration that has been carefully designed to support an individual to open into experiencing truth. Each participant is given a Zen Koan to answer. A Zen Koan is a question that is designed not to have an intellectual answer, yet opens the person to directly experience the answer beyond all words, thoughts and dualities. The first Zen Koan is the powerful question "Who am I?".

While the focus of attaining Satori is to have a peak experience – a “Satori” – the journey involved frequently provides a microcosmic look at your basic attitudes towards life. It lets you see your behaviours, the way you think, what you think, how your mind works – many of the aspects to which you may have been previously blind. This gift of seeing yourself empowers your future choices and the potential that can unfold in your life. Within the Satori Retreat you can directly experience the simplicity of your own humanness and the humanity of other people. The structure offers the space to be real, unprotected, and honest – with yourself and with others. We can quite honestly and truthfully say that you will find something there as you uncover yourself. And if there are tears, laughter, fears and emotions, these are allowed space in the safe environment.

A Satori allows you to experience your whole self, inclusive of your humanness, your spirit – you. For many, the experienced depth of acceptance is profoundly freeing. With the acceptance comes the ability to watch the process of the mind without becoming involved, without believing it. This gives back to you the sense of power and the realisation that YOU can – and do – have conscious choice in each situation, that you are not a victim of circumstance but the creator of your life. The more you see the natural flow of life, the clearer it is to see your interaction in the relationships in your life from a more neutral perspective. This supports you to participate more deeply in life with less reaction, generating understanding in your day-to-day interrelationships. Experiencing the freedom of Satori also gives you the possibility to experience a life without tension, or at the very least, to realise that when you are in a state of tension you can relieve this tension by being gentle and caring with yourself.

It matters not if you have any knowledge of Zen, as the entire structure of the Satori Retreat is simple and fully explained. The facilitator will offer personal guidance to deepen your journey. A Satori does not depend on any belief, thought, feeling or context. The result is that whatever it is that you experience within these days, and is entirely and absolutely yours.

The next Satori will be Saturday 4.30pm 8th and completes Friday noon 14th December 2018 At 'Sangsurya Retreat Centre' in Byron Bay, Australia

To Find Out More about the next Satori Retreat email Josie

Kira's 2018 Satori Sat 8th - Friday 14th December

2018 Satori Event


Bare Sole - Walking with Mindfulness - 24th May 2018

Life Readings with Kira Kay - 13th June 2018

Intuition & Meditation for Every Day Life - 30 Aug 2018

Discover Your True Self - A Journey Inward - 14 Sep 2018

Satori Retreat with Kira Kay - 8th Dec 2018

Intuition 5 Day Intensive with Kira Kay - 17th Dec 2018





Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

Life Readings

Natural Born Women

Kira's Library

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About Kira

Who Am I? This ancient question has been the driving force of my own personal exploration – and can be the beginning of getting to know Kira Kay

In my own words

I consciously discovered this question ‘Who Am I?’ at a point in my life where I had successfully completed studies, had several good work opportunities, a large circle of friends, owned my own house – yet ultimately I felt afraid, not happy, and very unsure about what I was supposed to be doing in life. I distinctly remember sitting in nature on a rock and deciding that my first step was to find ‘me’. I was 25 years of age. Little did I know that this question would begin a journey that would lead me around the world – metaphorically and literally! This exploration has led me to work with and alongside several respected teachers, to live in different countries and to have many varied experiences. Through self-exploration I began to see my covered-up hurts, my unconscious behaviour patterns, limiting beliefs, fears and more importantly, uncovered my strengths, passions, my aliveness, and the ability to integrate these understandings and to truly live my life. I now experience myself with an easy feeling inside. Laughter and gratefulness are frequent companions. I experience a sense of open possibility for what else can unfold in my life, alongside an inclusion of a feeling of vulnerability that arises from my human experience. As an outgrowth of my personal self-discovery I realised that I could share my insights and experiences with other people interested in finding ‘who they really are.’ I have come to understand that we all can truly 'see' more than we generally believe. To me, this is simple fact. We are naturally born with much more than we are educated to understand, especially from a western educated perspective. We each have within us the spark of unlimited potential. As we embrace and engage this naturally inherent gift our life situations can evolve in ways we never imagined. Because of some experiences in my teenage years, I chose to explore the area of psychic ability and intuition with various teachers both spiritual and mainstream, including indigenous elders. I sought to understand the phenomena, and the more general theme question of ‘what is intuition?’ I realised that intuition has been my gateway to uncover natural truths that are available to all of us, all the time. Now I share simple truths and exercises for others to practice  to expand more into their own natural birthright. The skills I share are mediated by my business and science background which allows me to bridge the worlds of the ancient and the modern. Meditation and self-inquiry have been powerful tools on my own path and form the basis of what I offer. Since 1995 I have been sharing my experiences and understandings in residential retreats and classes, as well as in one-on-one counselling sessions.

In recent years I have expanded my own exploration through combining intuition development with social responsibility: what can I/we contribute to my/our world community? This has illuminated a much broader view of the impact that an individual can have on his or her community. I have come to understand what compassion means and to see the natural effect of healing and opening through the power of simple presence. I have matured into the understanding that as I see more, there is a natural feling of responsibility to care for my fellow travellers, in all aspects of life. My practical life skills, combined with my developed intuitive abilities, give me a unique perspective and opportunity to be of service in various ways. If we are to contribute to a more balanced and harmonious society, this will need to include practical aspects of how we can live in economic and social harmony with each other and with our environment.

Looking into the future, I consider that I am still uncovering more depth and intimacy in my own human experience. Personally I have the belief that it is a never-ending journey! Through sharing my own experiences and being with people in individual sessions, classes and retreats, and in various life environments, I continue to expand my own conscious awareness. My passion is to support other people to deeply understand who they are. I cannot tell you who you are, only you can experience this truth. I can, however, share my experiences and what has worked in my own life as potential tools for you to find your own truth.

You can listen to more of Kira's Inspirational Audio/Mp3's here on her Soundcloud channel


Bare Sole - Walking with Mindfulness - 24th May 2018

Life Readings with Kira Kay - 13th June 2018

Intuition & Meditation for Every Day Life - 30 Aug 2018

Discover Your True Self - A Journey Inward - 14 Sep 2018

Satori Retreat with Kira Kay - 8th Dec 2018

Intuition 5 Day Intensive with Kira Kay - 17th Dec 2018

I hope that my own words shared here can inspire other people to follow their own heart and intuition for the benefit of us all

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Life Readings

"A Life Reading is an opportunity to see and explore your life as it is right now, with honesty and understanding. It provides a clear and compassionate mirror to see what is.” - Kira Kay

For the past 20 years Kira has evolved the Life Reading experience as a one-to-one occasion to deeply see yourself with the support of her psychic/intuitive ability and eclectic life experiences. A Life Reading is an individual session, and a deeply personal experience. It is approximately one hour in duration, either in person (face-to-face mostly in Berlin, Germany, where Kira resides) or via telephone or Skype. Your Life Reading is recorded, and available for you to download as an MP3 recording. Readings are in English, German translation is possible in some circumstances for face-to-face readings.

How can a Life Reading be of benefit to me and how does it work?

A Life Reading is a unique and valuable chance to gain insight and clarity on the areas of your life that feel uncertain, worrisome or unclear to you. Often these are the areas that feel foggy, or where doubts arise when you delve within yourself to find your own answers. These can be the topics you most wish to have information about. The reading is an opening to explore your fears and your dreams - the aspects of your life that may be deeply personal and private. During a Life Reading Kira calls upon her psychic/intuitive abilities and life experiences to look into the issues you wish to explore. You and Kira will sit together (whether in person or via telephone/Skype) and you state briefly the topics that you feel are relevant to your life right now. Kira will then sit quietly for a moment and allow what arises on a deeper psychic/intuitive level. Kira will then communicate what is seen. The reading is a time and space of working together with a common intention to bring forth the information and insights that can be usefully integrated into situations and relationships in your daily living. A Life Reading is a significant and valuable time to name and bring into your conscious thinking the possibilities in your life right now, and to recognise what new opportunities may be waiting for you to step into. Often, we focus on what is not happening, instead of what can happen and is happening. Frequently we have not realised or looked for the positive aspects that are in our lives, either actual or upcoming. It can be heartening and encouraging to have these aspects named. It provides an invitation to actively contemplate them in the context of our unfolding life situations. Kira has a broad personal and academic experience that includes the world of business and economics, and the fields of science and education. This unique and dynamic competence gives her the capacity to bridge various worlds, cultures and issues.

Who chooses to have a Life Reading?

Clients range from students, CEOs, home-makers, professionals, celebrities, politicians, educators, academics, artists, spiritual seekers, parents, children, grandparents – there is no limit to those who come looking for answers to life’s questions. Your Life Reading is recorded, and available for you to download as an MP3 recording.


To book a Life Reading or further equiries please email Josie Blythe:

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Kira is often booked some weeks in advance. If you feel you may need support sooner, please visit Kira's recommended practitioners here +

“Psychics are very important. Many of them are able to step out of their personality and let the energy flow through to you, and allow you to answer yourself through them, because they are able to get out of the way. The question you ask sets up a vibration for the answer that you need to hear, to help you to awaken to that part.”

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Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

My own experience in coordinating and managing a variety of different business structures (both for profit and non profit), combined with experience in personal development and practical application of intuition, allows me to share a unique perspective on whole business practice. Through my passionate interest and enjoyment of practical business matters, I have evolved my own unique approach to healthy business practices that I convey to others in the spirit of collaboration. As more of us evolve in our practical lives, and integrate our personal interests with nature, we collectively create a healthier world to live in! – Kira Kay

Do you live to work? Or does your work give you time to live?

Kira's Sustainable Business Strategies seminar series presents integrative holistic approaches to business planning, managing, and operations all designed to help you realise the maximum potential of your business - and balance in your life. Whether you are just thinking of starting up a business or natural health practice, or whether you are already operating a business for some years, you can gain practical support and insights that could change how you function in your business and life.

Some of the key points addressed in this series are:

• Developing a business plan that is a real, useable and practical tool no matter what stage of your business.

• Find your natural creative flow and sense of purpose and place in life in your business context.

• Understanding the natural cycles of business and life, and how to work with them naturally.

• Developing personnel systems and operations that work for you and all people involved.

• Identifying and addressing the problems and opportunities of financial flow.

• Effectively evaluating your business and creating renewed vision.

• Maximising collaboration of all interested parties to effect healthier social impact.

• Marrying your personal life and business needs in a healthy and dynamic way.

Kira is available for private Business consultations and seminars please contact Josie to arrange an evaluation.








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Intuition Development - Talks and Seminars

“I consider it a fact that we can read each other's thoughts, that we can intuit the future, and that we can heal one another. We have simply not been educated that these are our natural gifts, just as much as being able to read, write, and add up numbers! Our Western society and school system have not supported or encouraged these faculties, and so they lie dormant in each one of us. Some cultures retain knowledge of practices that enable more of our intuitive capacities and yet are judged as primitive… but are they really?” Kira Kay

You are psychic – We all are - It is our natural birthright.

Why uncover and develop your latent abilities? We are living in a turbulent and dynamic world where the only constant seems to be change. It is in our personal and collective interest to regain our natural, inner life skills that equip us with the strength and knowledge to meet the challenges of daily life. The time is NOW to develop and use these natural skills to support healthier choices and relationships. A major key to uncovering these senses is becoming more aware of your behaviour and belief patterns. This can support you to become more sensitive. The more sensitive you are then the greater the possibility of these natural abilities simply appearing as and when you disconnect from the automatic ways of behaving. In the seminars we use practical exercises to highlight your own limiting beliefs and to explore activating your natural abilities so that you directly experience truth for yourself. Have you ever felt as if your actions or thoughts have been guided? Or perhaps wondered about a loved one who has passed on, yet you feel them still with you? Perhaps you have had some other unexplainable experience of a presence? With experience and practice it becomes possible to discern real guidance from fantasy and mind games. Ancient practices can have an ordinary presence in daily life.

Being Together

Being together creates an environment that encourages exploration, and this accelerates the process of communicating and sharing our inner discoveries. Sharing is vital because it solidifies our experiences and integrates them into how we live our lives, making our realisations more readily accessible to us when we need them. The seminars are a wonderful way to meet new friends who have a similar intention of expanding their natural gifts. And being together is supportive, nurturing and fun. Joining a seminar on Intuition Development can provide a fun and practical opportunity to practice developing your extra sensory skills.

Advanced courses are available for those who are regularly using and practicing their Intuition and who wish to explore in more depth.

To find out more about Intuition Talks & Seminars

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“It is our natural birthright to access and use our inherent talents every day in living our lives. My intention is that you leave these seminars with practical skills so that you can continue exploring and expanding your natural extrasensory faculties to their maximum"

2018 Intuition events

Intuition & Meditation for Every Day Life Thursday 30th August - 2nd September Zegg Bad Belzig Germany Contact Information: Almut Groeger Tel: +49 174 4198944

Intuition 5 Day Intensive with Kira Kay Monday 17th to 21st December 2018 Sangsurya Byron Bay Australia Contact Josie Here






Sustainable Business Strategies (SBS)

Intuition Q & A

Natural Born Women

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Kira's social impact projects in Nepal – in her own words

My personal journey with Giving Back and my connection with Nepal – and receiving far more than I ever imagined!

Giving Back has been a dynamic and important part of my own personal journey of evolution. My parents actively contributed in their local communities in rural Australia, showing me how much giving in service benefits all of us. This inspired me, as has my own conscious exploration of Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga means following one’s heart in service of others and the world, through selfless, everyday action toward the betterment of all beings.

Nepal has been a powerful teacher for me in my journey of Karma Yoga. It has helped me to step out of my personal stories and issues, into a higher level of service. This has enabled me to experience people, the universe, and myself in a context of complete interdependence, and to truly realise the truth of every action having a consequence. I have gained tremendous depth, compassion, and understanding of humanity by consciously exploring this perspective of living my own humanity.

Since 2000, I have been actively participating with Nepalese friends in various projects that have grown organically out of our mutual interest in supporting children and women in need. We have evolved farm-style children's homes, education advancement projects, an expanding outreach microcredit program to support rural women in their own businesses – and more. In April 2015, I was present for the devastating 7.8 Earthquake. As a consequence, my Nepalese friends and I were able to deliver direct aid and support to those most acutely affected. Since that time, my efforts have actively supported rebuilding safely with eco-friendly initiatives, as well as continuing our previous initiatives.

For details about the projects and how you might also become involved please visit:

Why Giving Back Projects in Nepal?

In 1995 I had a series of dreams of being in the Himalayan Mountains, sitting by a lake, receiving instruction about my life from an old wise man. Some months later I made the trip to Nepal, impatiently hiked up the mountains and sat beside a lake. Instead of meeting a wise man I met my own inner voice with a loud-and-clear message: get out of the ‘ideas’ of a spiritual journey! Find myself and embrace my own humanity and others’. As I walked back down the mountains and assessed my life and the world around me I felt quite humbled. I realised how selfish I had been. It was a life-changing moment.

I left that trip to Nepal with two things: my realisation still working deeply within me, and the memory of the gentle Nepali people living in poor conditions, yet so happy of spirit. It was some years before I returned to Nepal. By 2000, I had become more familiar with my own and others' humanity and had truly realised the gift of giving to others. I travelled this second time to Nepal with an inner urge to be involved in social service. I wanted to help those who had little in the way of material support to express their natural capacity for growth and development – and to do all this from an open space, knowing that I do not have all the answers! This began a different aspect of self-discovery that continues to this day.

I am now a frequent visitor to Nepal and consider it my second home. Through the natural growth of various projects, initiated in conjunction with Nepali friends, I have gained experience and knowledge. It has confirmed my inner knowing that a small amount of encouragement and support can create and stimulate growth and development in healthy ways. Watching and listening to the stories of women and children in their expression of empowerment is heartwarming and inspiring. Witnessing men and women in their communities who have the courage to follow their ideas and establish new directions is uplifting. To know these people as my friends is a joy. I receive from them in so many ways!

I have experienced a profound depth of heart opening through my time in Nepal. It has brought me to see the topic of ‘aid’ from a holistic perspective. Although people in Nepal (and many other places) may lack education, material wealth and resources, these are human beings with intelligence and an innate desire for growth. My experience has deepened my belief that we truly can work, live, play, grow and evolve together with greater sensitivity and caring for one another.

Ongoing evolution in this cycle of Giving and Receiving

From a wish to include others in this gift of giving, I established a charity in the EU called Hands with Hands e.V. ( It has opened a new chapter in my life, bridging cultures with the theme of giving and receiving. I am often in communication with my friends and new families in Nepal, as well as sharing with interested people around the world. I have become more deeply aware of our global human community. It has also brought me into contact with some exceptional people who are inspirations with their selfless contribution to the well-being of others. It has taken me to new depths of compassion and action in my own life, and to the deep realisation that a developed spiritual life includes the welfare of all human beings.

I hope that the words I have shared here can inspire others to follow their own heart and intuition for the benefit of us all!

Together, hands-with-hands, we build better futures.

Donate to Hands with Hands for Nepal

Events at Handswithhands Here

Keep up to Date with HwH's News Here

If you are interested in a sponsorship that gives orphans living in our children's homes the chance to get a higher level of school education

Contact me here using my contact form

Visit our Handswithhands website Here


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